Republic of Granzery Air Force

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Republic of Granzery Air Force

Active 31 March 1950–present
Country  Granzery
Type Air Force
Size 37,120 personnel
544 fixed wing combat aircraft
565 support aircraft
99 rotary wing aircraft
Part of Granzerian Defence Force
Headquarters Kiraly Air Force Base, Veragyor
March Honvéd Banda (Pilot's Gang)
Air Marshal Etele Kemény
Low visibility roundel

The Köztársasági Grozyar Légierő (K.GRO.L) (English: Republic of Granzery Air Force, RGrAF or commonly just Granzerian Air Force, GrAF), formed in March 1971, it is the aerial warfare branch of the Granzerian Defence Force. It operates a total of 1009 active aircraft, involving 544 fixed wing combat aircraft (including attack, fighters, multiroles, and bombers), 565 fixed wing support aircraft (including AWACS, transport, maritime patrol, and trainers) and 99 rotary wing aircraft.



The Chief of Staff of the Republic of Granzery Air Force (MLKVF) determines Air force doctrines application and advises the Chief of the Defence Staff (HVF) on the deployment, manner, and use of the Air Force.


The Chief of Staff of the Republic of Granzery Air Force has five commands, the Air Combat Group (LeHc), the Air Strategic Warfare Group (LSHC), the Air Training Group (LeKC), the Air Combat Support Group (LHTC) and the Air Surveillance Group (LeFC).


Retired Aircraft[edit]




  • Vertega V74 mtz. 1934 - Mainstay fighter throughout the Rotenkan Revolution, a total of 230 operated. Phased out in 1939.
  • Vertega V103 mtz. 1938 - Partial service from 1938 to 1942. 204 total operated.
  • Vertega V104 mtz. 1939 - Mainstay fighter from 1939 to 1946. 1174 total operated.
  • Vertega V104 mtz. 1942 - Upgraded version of the V104 introduced in 1942 and formed backbone of the Granzery Air Force throughout the mid parts of GW2. 5,674 total operated.
  • Vertega V103 mtz. 1942 - Upgraded version of the V103 introduced in 1942 and saw limited use. 1,466 total operated.
  • Vertega V200 - Saw extensive use throughout the later portions of the war. 8,312 total operated.
  • Vertega V221 - First Jet fighter in service, served from 1946 to the end of the war. 120 in total were operated.
  • Vertega V160 mtz. 1940 - Fighter based on the V103 serving from 1940 to 1947. 895 total operated.
  • Pokol A.9 - Fighter/Bomber serving from 1941 to 1947. 1,395 total operated.
  • Pokol EV.40 - Interceptor serving from 1944 to 1947. 207 total operated.
  • Pokol B.22 mtz. 1940 - Heavy Strategic Bomber and Maritime Patrol aircraft serving from 1940 to 1949. 405 total operated.
  • Vertega V156 mtz. 1937 - Medium bomber, served from 1937 to 1944. 187 total operated.
  • Vertega V49 mtz. 1936 - Light Bomber/Reconnaissance. 675 total operated.
  • Pokol AR.25 - Light bomber/reconnaissance used to replace the Vertega V49. 340 operated.
  • Pokol B.16 mtz. 1937 - Maritime Patrol aircraft used throughout the war. 307 total operated.


  • MiG-15 - Import models from Stasnov. Total of 540 operated.
  • Juhasz J-2 - Main multirole aircraft until 1967. Total of 1,339 Operated, modification of Stasnovan MiG-19.
  • Tupolev Tu-16 - Heavy bomber, used from 1955-1985. Total of 45 Operated throughout this period.
  • Juhasz J-9 "Gepard" - Main Air Superiority fighter and interceptor until 1971. Total of 154 Operated.


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