Republic of Bloodia

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Bloodian Republic
Krewska Rzeczpospolita



Capital Krzywogród
Languages Bloodian
Religion Bloodian Native Faith
Government Republic
 •  1784-1794 Radzimierz Nowak
 •  1876-1888 Czesław Krzywicki III
Legislature National Assembly
 •  Revolution 1784
 •  Monarchist Coup 1886
Currency Lakierz

The Republic of Bloodia was formed shortly after the Bloodian Revolution when the Merchant classes and the nobility of Bloodia seized control of the nation. President Radzimierz Nowak, a member of the nobility, was elected by the nobility and the merchants shortly after the coup. The constitutional convention took place off and on for the next 10 years, due to major disagreements between the noble families and prominent merchants, of Jewish ethnicity, which in turn created the position of President of Bloodia's term to be 10 years. The constitution created a Presidential Republic with a unitary National Assembly, where only members of the nobility could be elected as President and members of the nobility and merchant class could be elected as assemblymen. The nobility retained all lands and the nation was divided into Voivodeships ruled by a member of a prominent noble family.

In 1800, Lewzkrwi Dobryřešení seized control of the presidency and established a temporary dictatorship which lasted until 1820. He attempted to enact many reforms to curb the power of the Nobility and was a excellent military commander fighting off multiple invasions of the young Bloodian Republic, including invasions by the exiled King, who was now only king of Sataria. Most of his reforms would be overturned by the Conservative Party (Nobility dominated) from 1821 to 1825 leading to a uprising in 1830, which was contained with funds from the merchant class.

The republics history was period of stagnation and corruption for Bloodia leading to the Bloodian Civil War in 1886 when the noblitity declared then President Czesław Krzywicki, President-King Czesław Krzywicki III.