RZNV Dobrotich Incident

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RZNV Dobrotich Incident
RZNV Dobrotich shortly after the attack.
LocationAchelian Sea, south of Torka islands
DateMarch 20th 2020
8:30 AM
Attack typeMissile attack
Weapon(s)P-270 Moskit
AssailantsZolevskoy National Party
MotiveOpposition to Zolevskoyan government and cooperation with A.B.C. Defense Etente

The RZNV Dobrotich Attack occurred on 20 March 2020 when 4 P-270 Moskit anti-ship missiles were fired at Acerrian and Zolevskoyan naval vessels during annual exercises. A total of 5 Republic of Zolevskoy Navy personnel were killed as a result of the attack, and twenty were injured.


At 8:30 AM on March 20th 2020, four P-270 Moskit missiles were fired from the Torka Islands from custom-built launchers, towards Acerrian and Zolevskoyan naval forces. Both navies were just preparing to start exercises as the missiles appeared on radars. Although Zolevskoyan forces were initially unprepared, Acerrian vessels were successful in intercepting 3 of the 4 missiles with on board CIWS guns. However, ships of the Republic of Zolevskoy Navy were unprepared and unable to activate defenses in time.

At 8:35 AM, the surviving Moskit struck the port side of the RZNV Dobrotich, in the center of the ship. However, the missile failed to detonate when it struck. Despite this though, the fuel ignited and caused a large fire which began to spread throughout the ship. 5 Zolevskoyan sailors were immediately killed by the missile, and another 20 were injured; mostly caused by burns from the fire.

Immediately after the attack, Acerrian and Zolevskoyan forces in the area began to provide aid for the RZNV Dobrotich. The captain of the ship, Miro Kostov, ordered for the starboard to be flooded in order to keep the hole above water. All personnel on the ship immediately began to fight the fires and aid the wounded once it was deemed that the ship would not sink. The Zolevskoyan frigate RZNV Zhytsen was the first to arrive to provide damage control and crew relief, and the ARS Republique assisted in evacuating the wounded off the ship with helicopter rescue.


One day after the attack, the Zolevskoy National Party claimed responsibility for the attack, and made a public statement. Grozdan Aleksandrov, the leader for of the organization ever since Miro Kotwitz's capture and execution, stated that "any foreign intervention against our cause will result in more bloodshed". He then called on all ZNP sympathizers around the world to rise up and "rid the world of the broken ideas of socialism and globalism".

On the same day, the RZNV Dobrotich arrived at the Sovrora Shipbuilding yard for repairs. It was then drydocked over the next few days in order to conduct repairs.

International Reactions[edit]

  •  Zolevskoy - Shortly after the attack, Zolevskoyan president Nedyalko Valov made a statement: "Five sailors were killed and another 20 were injured because of this act of terrorism. As of today, all Zolevskoyan military forces will be on high alert, and the perpetrators will be found and brought to justice, no matter where they choose to cower."
  •  Acerria - The Acerrian foreign ministry made the fllowing statement after the attack: "The Acerrian Foreign Ministry condemns this blatant unprovoked act of aggression towards our naval servicemen and our allies. Acerria will never treatise with those who seek leverage through terror, and joins the Zolevskoyan government in strongly condemning and issuing our steadfast support against this threat."