Princess Maria Dmitrievna of Elesar

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Princess Maria Dmitrievna of Elesar
Born (1987-03-18) 18 March 1987 (age 37)
Imperial Palace, Alexandrovsk, Elesar
Full name
Maria Dmitrievna Yusupova
FatherDimitri II

Princess Maria Dmitrievna of Elesar (Maria Dmitrievna Yusupova; born 18 March 1987) is the eldest child of Emperor Dmitri II of Elesar, and was from the time of her birth until the birth of her brother Alexander the heiress apparent to the Imperial Throne of Elesar. She is also the first member of the House of Yusupov to have been born in Elesar since the end of socialism and subsequent restoration of the monarchy.

Maria was born in the birthing room of the Imperial Palace in Alexandrovsk on March 18, 1987, and was baptized one week later at the Cathedral of Saint George. She received private tutoring until attending the then-recently restored Tarasenko School for Girls, eventually leading to her attending the prestigious Mont Chagrin Academy in Acronia. She majored in history, receiving a bachelor's degree, and also minored in English.