Princess Helene Dmitrievna of Elesar

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Princess Helene Dmitrievna of Elesar
Princess Helene in 2019
Born (2001-02-14) 14 February 2001 (age 23)
Alexandrovsk, Elesar
Full name
Olena Dmitrievna Yusupova
FatherDimitri II

Princess Helene Dmitrievna (Olena Dmitrievna Yusupova; born 14 February 2001) is the youngest daughter and second-youngest child of Emperor Dmitri II of Elesar. As such, she is sixth in line to the throne of Elesar behind her five siblings.


Princess Helene was born on February 14th, 2001, in Alexandrovsk. She was named after her maternal aunt.

She has five siblings, four older and one younger, but is preceded by all of them in the line of succession to the throne of Elesar due to the Empire's practice of male-preference primogeniture succession laws.

Besides her native Elesarian, Princess Helene is fluent in her mother's native Acronian and is also proficient in Cambrian.