Pokol A.9

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Pokol A.9
Pokol A.9 mtz. 1965 over the Transkarpatian mountains
Role Fighter
National origin Granzery
Manufacturer Pokol
First flight 30 June 19430
Retired 1975
Status Retired
Primary user Granzery Air Force
Produced 1,321 (wartime), 397 (postwar)

The Pokol A.9 was a single-engine two-seat Second Great War multi-purpose combat aircraft used by the Granzery Air Force in 1940–1985. It was designed and built in Csongrád by Pokol. The A.9 was primarily used for ground attack and reconnaissance in the Second Great War, but continued to see service with the Air Force as a trainer and target tug until the mid 1970s.

Design and development[edit]


First prototype with long-span wings and fixed undercarriage
Second prototype powered by 74kW (1,000 hp) engine
Pokol A.9 mtz. 1940
Production version with retractable undercarriage, powered by FÉMC F.121-M.M.51. Armed by one 20mm Venczel GP 40/20 cannon firing through propeller hub, two 8.35mm machine guns in the wings and two machine guns in the rear cockpit.
Pokol A.9 mtz. 1940
Main production version, with short span (13.74 m (45 ft 1 in)) wings. Most converted to target tugs from 1947.
Pokol E.9 mtz. 1944
Advanced trainer version.
Pokol A.9 mtz. 1945
More powerful and heavier armed derivative of Pokol A.9, powered by 929 kW (1,245 hp) and carrying an extra two 20mm cannons in its wings.
Pokol A.9 mtz. 1965
Turboprop version. Used as a target tug and trainer until 1975, also used as a counter-insurgency aircraft following the Transkarpatian War.

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