People's Republic of Ziridava

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People's Republic of Ziridava
Народна република Зиридава

Flag State emblem
"Workers of all countries, unite!"
  • "Републико наша, здравей!"
"Republiko nasha, zdraveĭ!"
"Our Republic, Hail!"
Map of Ziridava
Location of Ziridava
Capital Progena
Languages Ziridavan
Religion State atheism
Government Unitary Kraussist-Moskvinist one-party socialist republic
General Secretary
 •  1949–1962 Mikhail Hristo (first)
 •  1962–1986 Ognyan Vancho (last)
Head of State
 •  1949-1962 Stanimir Simeon (first)
 •  1962–1986 Ognyan Vancho (last)
Legislature People's National Assembly
Historical era Post-war era
 •  People's Republic declared 1 April 1948
 •  Disestablished 2 August 1987
Currency Dela

The People's Republic of Ziridava (PRZ; Народна република Зиридава) was the official name of Ziridava, when it was a socialist republic. The People's Republic of Ziridava existed from 1948 to 1987 and it was ruled by the Ziridavan Communist Party (ZCP).


Government and politics[edit]

The constitution was changed several times, with the Vancho Constitution lasting the longest. According to article 1, "The People's Republic of Ziridava is a socialist state, headed by the working people of the village and the city. The leading force in society and politics is the Ziridava Communist Party".

The PRZ functioned as a one-party people's republic, with People's Committees representing local governance. Their role was to exercise Party decisions in their respective areas and to otherwise defer to popular opinion in decision-making. In the early 1980s, the ZCP had an estimated peak membership of 1,000,000 — more than 10% of the population.