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Páncél Katonai Traktor 38 tonna

A PcKTr-38S4-2.
Type Main battle tank
Place of origin  Granzery
Service history
Used by  Granzery
Production history
Manufacturer Vgecvasútgyár
Number built 9,500+ (all variants)
Weight 38 tonnes up to 50 tonnes (late versions)
Length 9.0 metres (Total)
Width 3.37 meters
Height 2.4 meters
Crew 4

Armor Steel and composite Armor
D-9 100mm rifled gun (S1)
WKW Iparag PL 76M 110mm rifled gun (S2-2+)
12.7 mm NSVT, 7.62 mm PKMT (S1)
12.7mm NSVT, 7.35 mm GP63 (S2+)
Engine Csaba Diesel Engine
500 hp up to 870 hp (late versions)
Suspension Torsion-bar
700 km
Speed 48 km/h

The Páncél Katonai Traktor 38 tonna (PcKTr-38), (English: Armoured Military Tractor, 38 tonnes) is a main battle tank developed by Granzery as an upgrade of the Stasnovan T-57 Kladiv. It served as the primary battle tank of Granzery until the mid early 80s. Despite being mostly phased out of service, upwards of 5,000 remain in storage with the Granzery Ground Forces and are able to be reactivated when required.


Production history[edit]

Service History[edit]

Combat history[edit]






Domestic Variants[edit]

  • T-57AG: Mostly identical to the Stasnovan T-57A. During the early 1950s, several thousand T-57A tanks were provided to the Granzery People's Army, in 1971 the nomenclature PcKTr-38S1 was adopted for this model.
    • T-57AG-2: Starting in 1952 Granzerian manufacturers began to domestically produce the T-57 with Granzerian parts. Because it was of higher quality when compared to the Stasnovan produced T-57A, it became a hit on the export market. Unlike the original export T-57AG, it had a redesigned engine access plates, three plates fitted to the hull to reduce track shedding and oval engine grills in the engine decks. In 1971 the nomenclature PcKTr-38S1-2 was adopted.
    • T-57AG-3: Granzery upgraded T-57AG-2 with Granzery-produced laser rangefinder, fire control system and wind sensor mast with thickened center section mounted on rear of turret roof. It was adopted in 1964. In 1971 the nomenclature PcKTr-38S1-3 was adopted.
  • PcKTr-38S2 was a 1970s modernization of the basic T-57A tank. The T-57AG-3 tanks received Granzery-produced "Kalapács" fire control system, thermal sleeve on gun, replacing the 7.62mm PKM with a Granzery produced 7.35mm GP63 machinegun, a laser rangefinder, mounted over the barrel, inside a large rectangular armoured box. Granzerian tanks were also fitted with BDD add-on armour blocks on the turret front-sides area and glacis (known as the "horse-shoes"). The BDD armour panels consist of armoured steel boxes filled with Penpolyurethane and thin HHS steel plates. The BDD semi-reactive armor adding 120mm of protection against APDS and 200-250mm of protection against HEAT ammunition, thus these tanks had similar protection as early versions of T-74. The tanks also received an upgraded 650 hp engine. The PcKTr-38S2 tanks were the primary armoured force of the Granzerian forces during the Transkarpatian War of 1975, facing against the newly adopted Stasnovan T-74A, the tanks proved capable although inferior firepower proved a challenge compared to the T-72s superior 125mm gun.
    • PcKTr-38S2-2: The PcKTr-38S2-2 was a 1977 attempt to increase the firepower of the PcKTr-38S2 with a more powerful 120mm main gun. The T-57 chassis proved incapable of handling the larger calibre gun, and a smaller 110mm PL 76M rifled gun was installed to increase the firepower of the PcKTr-38 model of tank. In addition the S2-2 was equipped with an upgraded fire control systems.
  • PcKTr-38S3: The PcKTr-38S3 was a 1983 modification of the PcKTr-38S2-2 with an extended chassis involving six road wheels instead of the usual five, the extended chassis allowed the installation of a significantly more powerful 870 hp engine.
  • PcKTr-38S4: The PcKTr-38S4 was a significant upgrade of all systems in 1986, retaining the same gun and engine as the S3, most notably was the installation of the Küklopsz fire control system (with cross-wind sensor, laser rangefinder and night vision), FRLSV laser warning receiver that can locate and identify incoming threats, warning the crew and triggering countermeasures automatically.
    • PcKTr-38S4-2: The PcKTr-38S4-2 was the final upgrade of the PcKTr-38 in 1997, with a Küklopsz-K advanced fire control system and replacing the applique BDD armour panels with applique first-generation TEKNŐ Composite Armour panels providing significantly more protection.
  • T-57AG-9: The T-57AG-9 was an extensive 1999 upgrade of the PcKTr-38. It's based on the PcKTr-38S2-2 and is almost identical with the exception of the engine, a comprehensively upgraded optics and fire control suite, special composite armor, and Huzat-A explosive reactive armor. The tank is powered by a two-stroke liquid-cooled multi-fuel supercharged diesel engine with boxing pistons developing 750 hp and has maximum speed of over 70 km/h on the road in forward gear and over 30 km/h in the reverse gear. Is not being considered as an option for upgrade by the Granzerian Army, but has been adopted by the Sytrican Armed Forces.


 Granzery: The Granzery Ground Forces do not currently have any PcKTr-38 models in active service but retains in excess of 5,000 in storage.
 Sytrica: The Sytrican Army currently operates 18 T-57AG-9 models and 65 PcKTr-S2-2 (known in Sytrican nomenclature as the T-57AG-5) tanks.