Pék Rotorcraft

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Pék Rotorcraft KFT
Headquarters440 Király Street, Sejpedek, Granzery
Revenue$5.9 billion

Pék Rotorcraft KFT (formerly Pék Design Bureau) is the largest helicopter manufacturing company in Granzery.


The Pék Design Bureau was originally formed by the then Granzerian communist government as a domestic Granzerian helicopter manufacturer, and began by manufacturing the domestic Granzerian licensed variant of the Mil Mi-4, the Pék Pé-1. The Pék Design Bureau went on to produce variants of the Mil Mi-6 (Pék Pé-2) and Mil Mi-2 (Pék Pé-3), due to a turbulent domestic environment, the Stasnovan government refused to provide the Granzerian military with the capability to domestically produce Mil Mi-8 helicopters, in response, the Pék Design Bureau developed and introduced the first ever domestic Granzerian helicopter to be manufactured, the Pék Pé-4 Salamander to replace the Pé-1.

After the Granzerian Revolution the Pék Design Bureau was privatised, and became the Pék Rotorcraft Company, taking over production and development of most Granzerian rotorcraft developed after the fall of communism in Granzery.


Civil Range, Military Range
Original name New name Deliveries MTOW (tonnes) Powerplant Capacity
Pé-4 Salamander H-80 Salamander 1968-1979 7.00 2 × 1,575hp C-TŰZ Turboshaft 3 pilot + 16 passengers
H-98 Toad 1978-present 9.15 2 × 1,847hp Vertega Turboshaft 2 pilot + 24 passengers
H-105 Sparrow 1998-present 1.36 1 × 317hp Vertega Turboshaft 1 pilot + 1 passengers
H-110 2016-present 29.25 3 × 3,850hp C-TŰZ Turboshaft 2B 5 crew + 30 passengers