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Pék H-80 Salamander
Pék H-80AH Battle Salamander of the Granzery Air Force
Role Medium utility helicopter
National origin  Granzery
Manufacturer Pék Rotorcraft
First flight 8 October 1963
Introduction 1966
Retired 1987
Status In service
Primary user Granzery Air Force
Produced 1973–1979
Number built 700+
Developed into Pék H-98

The Pék H-80 Salamander is a four-bladed, twin-engine, medium-size transport/utility helicopter developed and marketed by Pék Rotorcraft. The Salamander was a commercial success and was later developed into the H-98 Toad.



Production and improvements[edit]


Operational history[edit]

  • T-80 – Initial prototype.
  • Pék T80 – Commercial pre-production version.
  • H-80 – Military version.
  • H-80A – First military version.
  • H-80AH – Identical to the H-80 equipped with four unguided rocket pods on outrigger pylons and a 30mm frontal cannon. Known as Battle Salamander.
  • H-80AT – Military anti-submarine and anti-ship version


Specifications (H-80AH)[edit]