Order of the Knights of Saint Chennault

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Order of the Knights of Saint Chennault
The Order flag
In existence
1st Order1870–1878
2nd Order1926–1930
3rd Order1960–present
1st OrderUnknown
2nd Order10,000+
3rd Order~3,000 (2020)
Political ideologies
  • White supremacy
  • Anti-communism
Political positionFar-right

The Order of the Knights of Saint Chennault often known as just The Order or Knights of Saint Chennault, are a hate group which operate in both Estheria and New Cambria whose primary targets are Aesto-Antigonians and other ethnic minorities, homosexuals and communists. They were originally formed in 1870 to combat the United Provinces Army in the War of Estherian Independence as an irregular fighting force, and continued to flourish for a few years after the war as an irregular slave police force suppressing slave rebellions and hunting escaped slaves, as more uniform state police emerged to fulfil the same role the Order died out. The Order is known for using terrorism and murder against their political opponents throughout their existence.

The Second Order was established during and immediately following the East Antigonian War, and started as a militia group devoted to combatting the New Cambrian military at the time. After the Estherian defeat in the war and subsequent civil unrest in the country, the Order was crucial in maintaining the status quo and propping up the Estherian government. Using methods of voter suppression and terrorism they were able to effectively stifle the political movements of their opponents with government support.

The Third Order was a result of the Estherian Revolution, and became a citizen militia to combat communist insurgents in the country, and continued their tradition of targeting ethnic minorities and other perceived deviants, including religious apostates, homosexuals, leftists and immigrants. After their defeat in the Estherian revolution, the Order was actively suppressed by the Estherian communist government, and high profile members fled to either Avlyonia or New Cambria. The Order continue to operate in Estheria in the modern day but has expanded its operations to New Cambria following the Revolution.