Operation Pulsar

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Operation Pulsar
Part of the Second Great War

Granzerian Gendarmes in Ordia following the invasion.
Date1 May 1941 (1941-05-01) – 18 April 1944 (1944-04-18)

Granzerian victory

  • Occupation of Zolevskoy and Ordia
 Granzery  Ordia
Kingdom of Ziridava Ziridava
Commanders and leaders

Granzery Istvan Huszar
Granzery József Stollán
Granzery Zsigmond Várkonyi

Granzery Szergei Bajsz
Kingdom of Ziridava Gavril I
Kingdom of Ziridava Deyan Genko
Kingdom of Ziridava Hristofor Pencho
Units involved

Granzery Army Group West

  • Granzery 5th Army
  • Granzery 6th Army
Granzery 8th Royal Guards Division
Kingdom of Ziridava Royal Ziridavan Armed Forces
  • 871,902 men
  • 1,238 tanks
  • 2,144 assault guns
  • 12,436 field guns
  • 2,034 aircraft


  • TBA men
  • TBA tanks
  • TBA assault guns
  • TBA field guns
  • TBA aircraft


  • 450,000 men
  • 600 tanks
  • 1,350 artillery guns
  • 3,400 field guns
  • 300 aircraft


  • TBA men
  • TBA tanks
  • TBA assault guns
  • TBA field guns
  • TBA aircraft
Casualties and losses
    • 126,955 men
    • 320 tanks destroyed or damaged
    • 522 aircraft
    • TBA men
    • TBA tanks destroyed or damaged
    • TBA aircraft

Operation Pulsar also known as Operation 13 was the codename for the Granzerian invasion of Ordia, Ausferiland and Ziridava. It was the first Granzerian deployment of the Second Great War, and lasted until 1943 with the capitulation of the Kingdom of Ziridava, although fighting continued with partisan groups for the remainder of the war until the Granzerian withdrawal in 1947. The initial operation was wildly successful, being the first deployment of operational Granzerian assault guns, modern aircraft and motorized troops, however this early success was quickly overshadowed by rough and sluggish fighting in western Ordia and Central Ziridava.