Operation Luna

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Operation Luna
Part of the Second Great War

Clockwise from top, a knocked out Granzerian Ppsz 216 tank destroyer, Granzerian fascist militia and soldiers after being disarmed by the SRA, Stasnovan forces on offensive in Véragyőr, Granzerian antifascist partisans during the Battle of Véragyőr.
Date5 June 1947 (1947-06-05) – 23 August 1947 (1947-08-23)

Decisive Stasnovan victory

Commanders and leaders
Stasnov Kiril Malenkov

Stasnov Valery Khabarov
Stasnov Anatoly Levkin
Stasnov Vasiliy Boreyev
Stasnov Eugeni Burmakin
Gorbatov Anton Sokolovsky
János Lőrincz
Atilla Szabados

Sergei Acéloz
Granzery Istvan Huszar

Granzery József Stollán (POW)
Granzery Zsigmond Várkonyi †
Granzery Ekkehárt Szász †
Granzery Kornél Szántó †
Granzery Jákob Pethes
Granzery Lóránt Erdős
Granzery Ágoston Benes (POW)
Elesar TBA
Elesar TBA

Units involved

Stasnov 1st Belovyan Front

  • Stasnov 21st Army
  • Stasnov 56th Guards Army
  • Stasnov 45th Guards Tank Army

2nd Belovyan Front

  • Stasnov 52nd Army
  • Stasnov 53rd Army
  • Stasnov 85th Guards Army
  • Stasnov 37th Tank Army

2nd Korskan Front

  • Stasnov 20th Army
  • Stasnov 24th Army
  • Stasnov 33rd Tank Army

3rd Yuzhnayan Front

  • Stasnov 65th Army
  • Stasnov 66th Army
  • Stasnov 67th Army

Gorbatov Eastern Military District

  • Gorbatov 1st Guards Tank Army
  • Gorbatov 4th Guards Army
  • Gorbatov 10th Army

Granzerian Free Army

  • 2nd Army
  • 6th Army
Granzerian Liberation Army

Army Group Centre

  • Granzery 1st Army
  • Granzery 3rd Army
  • Granzery 4th Army
  • Granzery 5th Army
  • Granzery 7th Army

Royal Guard Army

  • Granzery 1st Royal Guard Division Istvan Huszar
  • Granzery 3rd Royal Guard DivsionVérfarkas
  • Granzery 14th Royal Guard Tank Division Prince Sigismund
  • Initial:
      • 1,702,852 men
      • 150,000+ partisans
      • 5,000 tanks
      • 8,000 aircraft
  • Battle of Véragyőr:
      • TBA men
      • 300,000+ partisans
      • TBA tanks
      • TBA aircraft
  • Initial:
      • 812,403 men
      • 3,910 tanks
      • 1,040 aircraft
  • Battle of Véragyőr:
      • 445,321 men
      • 2,412 tanks
      • 782 aircraft
Casualties and losses
  • Total:
      • 652,955 men
      • 3,420 tanks destroyed or damaged
      • 822 aircraft
    • 380,954 men
    • 2,105–2,367 tanks destroyed or damaged
    • 578–645 aircraft

Operation Luna was the final offensive of the Stasnovan Revolutionary Army into Granzery during the Second Great War. The conclusion of the Operation and subsequent surrender of Granzery marked the end of the Second Great War in Vesperia.

After the capitulation of Elesar in TBA, the Stasnovan forces began to prepare for an offensive into Granzery. Much of the Gorbatovic-Antitancan-Elesarian borders of Granzery were heavily mountainous and difficult to attack, however the area through Téliföld in Eastern Granzery was flat and suitable for offensive operations, thus this was the location chosen for the Stasnovan offensive into Granzery. Granzerian defenders, bolstered by Elesarian troops who had fled from Elesar following the capitulation, were able to inflict staggering casualties initially on the Stasnovan troops using advanced anti-tank equipment such as the GRkPM-44 Páncélvér. However domestic unrest in the form of the anti-fascist Granzerian Free Army soon spilled over to open fighting in Granzery.

The Granzerian Free Army seized much of western Granzery with the assistance of Ordian partisans who had liberated Ordia from Granzerian occupation a year earlier. Dozens of Granzerian divisions were diverted from the Téliföld front to quash the rebellions which threatened to consume much of Granzery. The relocation of Granzerian divisions allowed Stasnovan armoured divisions, armed with the new T-44 and MR-3 tanks, were able to punch through Granzerian defences at Cserogy and push towards Véragyőr.

Stasnovan forces continued to advance until facing a last-ditch Granzerian counter-offensive around Hűségesvár where much of the Granzerian 7th Armoured Division, 8th Royal Guard Division and 251st Infantry Division were obliterated in an ill-fated attempt to blunt the Stasnovan assault.

The Operation ultimately culminated in the Battle of Véragyőr, after which, the majority of Granzery was occupied by either Granzerian antifascist Partisans or the Stasnovan Revolutionary Army, immediately after the fall of Véragyőr the Granzerian government surrendered unconditionally.