Mojkovak Armed Forces

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Mojkovak Armed Forces
Smојковачки вооружени сили
Service branchesMojkovak Land Forces

Mojkovak Navy

Mojkovak Air Force
HeadquartersPrejevor, Mojkovak

The Мојковачки вооружени сили (MVS) (English: Mojkovak Armed Forces) is the military organisation of the Republic of Mojkovak.







Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
Makarov PM  Stasnov Pistol 9x18mm Main service pistol
Pistole 2000  Vazandia Pistol 9x20mm Replacing Makarov as main service pistol
G36  Odentia Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm Main service rifle
AKM  Stasnov Assault Rifle 7.62x39mm Limited service
M4A1  Vazandia Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm Special forces use only
PM-63  People's Republic of Zolevskoy Submachine gun 9x18mm
MP3  Chilokver Submachine gun 9x19mm Special forces only
Scharfschützengewehr-76f  Vazandia DMR 7.95x55mm
SVD  Stasnov Sniper 7.62x54mm
GMP-51K  Zolevskoy General-purpose machine gun 7.62x51mm
AK-56LM  Zolevskoy Light machine gun 5.56x45mm
AGS-17  Stasnov Automatic grenade launcher 30x29mm
GP-25  Stasnov Underbarrel grenade launcher 30mm
AG36  Odentia Underbarrel grenade launcher 40mm
Recoilfreiesgewehr-49h  Vazandia Recoilless rifle 84mm
RPG-22  Stasnov Rocket propelled grenade 72mm
9M113 Konkurs  Stasnov
ATGM 135mm Zolevskoyan-produced variants in service
9K111 Fagot  Stasnov
ATGM 120mm Zolevskoyan-produced variants in service
9K38 Igla  Stasnov
MANPADS 72mm Zolevskoyan-produced variants in service


Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
T-74S2 Main Battle Tank 90 125 mm smoothbore gun  Stasnov
T-57 Main Battle Tank 150 122 mm smoothbore gun  Stasnov In reserves

Armoured Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
Schutzenpanzer-10 Armoured personnel carrier 110 (140 more on order) One 7.62 or .50 cal machine gun turret  Vazandia
BMP-2 Infantry fighting vehicle 200+ 30mm autocannon  Stasnov Being replaced by Schutzenpanzer-9
Schutzenpanzer-9 Infantry fighting vehicle 20 (180 on order) 30mm autocannon, 5.56mm coaxial MG, ATGM  Vazandia To replace all BMP-2s by 2030
Tatrapan Wheeled Armoured personnel carrier 80 7.62mm MG  Zolevskoy
HMMWV Utility vehicle ? various Template:Country data TBD


Towed Artillery[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
D-30 Howitzer 180  Stasnov

Self-propelled Artillery[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
SGOM-77 PZAK Self-propelled artillery 60  People's Republic of Zolevskoy
2S1 Gvozdika Self-propelled artillery 250  Stasnov
RM-70 Multiple rocket launcher 35  People's Republic of Zolevskoy


Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
PPSD-20 Medium-range SAM Up to 30  Zolevskoy Deployment has been spotted in northern and coastal regions of Mojkovak
S-300P Long-range SAM 20  Stasnov
2K12 Kub Medium-range SAM 80  Stasnov
9K31 Strela-1 Short-range SAM 60  Stasnov
SPP-18 SPAAG 130  People's Republic of Zolevskoy


Name Image Origin Type Quantity Details
VeK-24  Stasnov Air Superiority Fighter
Strike fighter
Active: 75 Lansur-As, 15 Lansur-Bs
Lu-25  Stasnov Ground attack/CAS Active: 14
Ye-26  Stasnov Transport aircraft Active: 35
Fi-76  Stasnov Heavy strategic/tactical airlift Active: 3
Si-8 Hip  Stasnov Utility helicopter Active: 36
Si-24 Hind  Stasnov Attack gunship Active: 5

Naval Assets[edit]

Class Image Origin Type Quantity Details
TBD File:TBD Template:Country data TBD Frigate 4
Shaman-class  Zolevskoy Fast attack craft 3
Osa-class  Stasnov Missile boat 4 Osa-II, 5 Osa-I
Tarantul-class  Stasnov Missile corvette 5
Sonya-class  Stasnov Minesweeper 4
Lublin-class  People's Republic of Zolevskoy Minelayer/landing ship 5
Kilo-class  Stasnov Attack submarine 3 To be replaced by TBD

Coastal and other naval equipment[edit]

  • <75 P-270 Moskit anti-ship missiles
  • <190 P-15 Termit anti-ship missiles
  • 10 SR/C-3110 coastal radars