Modern equipment of the Lavikonan National Land Forces

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List of modern equipment used by the Lavikonan National Land Forces.

Infantry weapons[edit]


Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava PPZ  Lavikona Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum Zastava PPZ prototype.jpg Standard sidearm of the Lavikonan National Land Forces.
Zastava CZ 99  Lavikona Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm Parabellum Crvena Zastava 99.jpg To be phased out.

Assault rifles[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava M21  Lavikona Assault rifle 5.5×48mm M21A.jpg Standard issue assault rifle.
Zastava M70  Lavikona Assault rifle 7.62×39mm Zastava M-70.jpg
Zastava M90  Lavikona Assault rifle 5.5×48mm Zastava m90.png

Battle rifles[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava M77B1  Lavikona Battle rifle 7.35×56mm M77AB3.jpg


Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava M92  Lavikona Carbine 7.62×39mm M92.jpg


Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava MP 12 PA  Lavikona Pump-action shotgun 12 gauge Zastava MP 12 PA.png

Sniper rifles[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava M93 Black Arrow  Lavikona Anti-material rifle 12.7×108mm Sniper Zastava M93.jpg 5-round magazine, bolt-action, anti-material rifle.
Zastava M12 Black Spear  Lavikona Anti-material rifle 12.7×108mm Zastava M12 Black Spear.jpg 5-round magazine, bolt-action, anti-material rifle.
Zastava M07  Lavikona Sniper rifle 7.62×51mm NATO Zastava M07.png 5-round magazine, bolt-action, sniper rifle.
Zastava M91  Lavikona Sniper rifle 7.62x54mmR Sniper Zastava M91.jpg 10-round magazine, semi auto sniper rifle.
Zastava M76  Lavikona Designated marksman rifle 7.92×57mm Mauser Zastava-M76-Full.jpg

Submachine guns[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava Master FLG  Lavikona Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum Zastava Master FLG.jpg

Machine guns[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Zastava M02 Coyote  Lavikona Heavy machine gun 12.7×108mm Zastava M02.png
Zastava M84  Lavikona General-purpose machine gun 7.62×54mmR M84 mg.jpg
Zastava M72  Lavikona Light machine gun 7.62×39mm M72B1.jpg
GP80  Granzery Light machine gun 5.5x48mm Ameli Ejército español.jpg

Grenade launchers[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
BGA 30mm  Lavikona Automatic grenade launcher 30×29mm grenade Zastava BGA 30mm 01.jpg

Man-portable air defence systems[edit]

Name Origin Type Warhead Photo Notes
PV-L-R-81  Lavikona Man-portable air-defence system 2 kg Domestically produced man-portable air-defence system. Replaced the aging 9K36 Strela-3 and 9K38 Igla models that were formerly in service in the Lavikonan National Land Forces. The PV-L-R-45/49 and PV-L-R-55, became obsolete in the early 21st century, which was one of the reasons for the development of the PV-L-R-81, currently the most modern man-portable air-defence system in Lavikonan service. This exact MANPADS shot down a airspace evading helicopter from Bourgougia, killing everyone aboard it.

Anti-tank weaponry[edit]

Name Origin Type Photo Notes
M79 Osa  Lavikona Shoulder-fired missile M79-OSA.jpg
Bumbar  Lavikona Anti-tank guided missile Bumbar ATGM.jpg
M90 Stršljen  Lavikona Anti-tank missile Stršljen M90.jpg


Name Origin Type Diameter Photo Notes
M75  Lavikona Hand grenade 60mm M75 Grenade.JPG 5 meter kill radius, will detonate after being armed for 2.1 seconds
M84  Lavikona Hand grenade
BRK  Lavikona Anti-tank grenade Could penetrate 280mm of armour, used against armoured and fighting vehicles.
LRB M3/93  Lavikona Smoke grenade Smoke type grenade with Cyanide mixed with smoke filler.
RŠB P98  Lavikona Smoke grenade
BRD M-83  Lavikona Smoke grenade M18 Grenade.svg


Name Origin Type Detonation Photo Notes
TMA-3  Lavikona Anti-tank mine Pressure Panzermine TMA-3.jpg 6.5 kg of TNT.
TMA-4  Lavikona Anti-tank mine Pressure Panzermine TMA-4.jpg 5.5 kg of TNT.
TMA-5  Lavikona Anti-tank mine Pressure File:TMA-5.jpg 5.5 kg of TNT.
MRUD  Lavikona Anti-personnel mine Command detonated MRUD.JPEG Directional fragmentation mine.
PROM-1  Lavikona Anti-personnel mine Pressure/tripwire PROM-1 bounding landmine.jpg 425 g Composition B or straight cast TNT.
PMA-2  Lavikona Anti-personnel mine Pressure PMA-2 (Mine).jpg 95 g of TNT.
PMA-3  Lavikona Anti-personnel mine Pressure PMA-3 landmine.JPEG 35 grams of Tetryl or possibly TNT.


Towed artillery[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
M84 NORA  Lavikona Howitzer 945 M84 Nora A.jpg
D-30  Stasnov Howitzer 988 Artilleryman of the Afghan National Army.jpg
M-56  Lavikona Howitzer 875 M56A1 105mm 01.jpg

Self-propelled artillery[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Vukan Arms V-56 Pretnja  Lavikona Self-propelled howitzer ~670 Nora B-52.jpg
Sora 122mm  Lavikona Self-propelled howitzer 536 SORA 122mm 1.jpg
M-09 Soko  Lavikona Self-propelled howitzer 85 M09 105mm sph 07.jpg


Name Origin Type Calibre Photo Notes
M74/M75 mortar  Lavikona Mortar 120mm Mortar 120 mm M-75 Croatian Army.JPG
M69 mortar  Lavikona Mortar 82mm Минобацач М69 82мм.jpg
M57  Lavikona Mortar 60mm Минобацач М57 60мм.jpg

Rocket artillery[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
M-87 Orkan  Lavikona Multiple rocket launcher 217 SVLR M-87 Orkan.jpg
M-77 Oganj  Lavikona Multiple rocket launcher 463 M77 Oganj 1.jpg
M-94 Plamen-S  Lavikona Multiple rocket launcher 616 M94 Plamen S 128mm 1.jpg
LRSVM Morava  Lavikona Multiple rocket launcher 237 LRSVM Morava 128 Oganj.jpg


Main battle tanks[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
 Lavikona Main battle tank 257
Total 1,936
13 M84AK 2.jpg The M-87 is the primary third-generation main battle tank of the Lavikonan National Land Forces, constituting most of its armoured capacity. Armed with a 125 mm smoothbore gun, all vehicles are being upgraded to M-87AS standard, comparable with the Stasnovan T-94A Kulak and featuring many advanced systems. 257 M-87A1s and 1,661 M-87AS are currently in service. A further, vastly upgraded version, called the M-87AM has been introduced to service, with 18 tanks currently in service, containing advanced navigation and fire-control systems, an armoured turret bustle and new ERA bricks.
M-93  Lavikona Main battle tank 129 Degman 041.jpg The M-93 is a fourth-generation main battle tank that serves in limited numbers, originally intended to replace the M-87 but cancelled mid-production in favour of the M-87AS. The existing units have all been assigned to a single tank battalion and upgraded substantially over the years. With 90 of the type in service, the M-93M1 is almost unidentifiable when compared to the first models, which were based off a heavily-modified version of the M-87.
M-18A  Lavikona Main battle tank 30 M-18 tank.jpg The M-18 is a fifth-generation main battle tank with a design philosophy comparable to the T-15 Volk of the Stasnovan Revolutionary Army. It bears a similar armament and protective features, but is actually an entirely domestic design. There are plans to field up to 500 tanks in the future.
M-71  Lavikona Main battle tank 566 Novi tenk Vihor1.jpg

Infantry fighting vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
BVP M-80M  Lavikona Infantry fighting vehicle 1,793 12 BVPM80 5.jpg

Armoured personnel carriers[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Lazar 3  Lavikona Armoured personnel carrier 132 Lazar-3 VS1.jpg
  • BOV-M
  • BOV-SN
  • BOV-VP
  • BOV M10
  • BOV M11
  • BOV M15
 Lavikona Armoured personnel carrier 1,118 BOV VP 3.jpg The BOV-M is a special purpose riot control unit vehicle, used for transporting SF and Police personnel, the BOV-SN is a field ambulance version, while the BOV-VP is in service within the Military Police. BOV-1 and BOV-3 are used as separate variants, as their role is not transporting troops. BOV M10 is used as an armored command vehicle for artillery systems command and control, the BOV M11 as an armored reconnaissance vehicle, and the BOV M15 based on the BOV-VP for the military police with new engine, transmission, RCWS, run-flat tires and better armor protection. The HS M09 BOV-3 is used in Lavikonan National Land Forces Air Defence Brigades to mount surface-to-air missiles (most specifically the 9K32 Strela-2 and sometimes other SAM types). The MRČKB BOV-3 is used as a command vehicle for mobile radio communication for battalion commanders, it is integrated into the BOV-3 vehicle.
Lazar 2  Lavikona Multi-role armoured vehicle 414 10 Lazar2 1.jpg

Tank destroyers[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
BOV-1  Lavikona Self-propelled anti-tank missile launcher 682 BOV-1 M-83 2.jpg


Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
TAM 260 T22  Lavikona Utility/transport truck TAM 130 2.jpg
TAM 110 T7
TAM 150 T7
 Lavikona Transport truck TAM 110 inž.jpg
TAM-Vojska Srbije.jpg
FAP 1921  Lavikona Vehicle transport truck FAP1921BT 3.jpg
FAP 1118  Lavikona Transport truck FAP1118 2.jpg
FAP 2026  Lavikona Transport truck FAP2026BSD AVG.JPG
FAP 3240  Lavikona Transport truck FAP 3240 1.jpg
FAP 2228  Lavikona Transport truck FAP 2228.jpg
FAP 2226  Lavikona Dump truck Poplava šabac 2014 popović 51.JPG

Mine-protected vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
Lazar BVT  Lavikona Mine resistant ambush protected vehicle 941 Lazar BVT.jpg

Logistics and utility vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
BOV M16 Miloš  Lavikona Multipurpose vehicle BOV M16 Miloš 01.jpg
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Utility vehicle 1 Puh specbr.jpg
Land Rover Wolf Light utility vehicle Lrwolf2.jpg
Nanjing-Iveco Turbo Daily Field ambulance Serbian army ambulance at Usce.jpg
Jeep Wrangler Utility vehicle 1st-Jeep-Wrangler-Unlimited.jpg
Zastava NTV  Lavikona Off-road vehicle Zastava NTV PT 40.13H.kombi.jpg
HEMERA  Lavikona System for acoustic source localization HEMERA.jpg

Military engineering vehicles[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
PTS-M  Stasnov Tracked amphibious transport PTS-M VS3.JPG
PM M71 Floating Bridge  Lavikona Pontoon bridge FAP2026 BSD A PM M71 VS.jpg
VIU-55 Munja  Lavikona Combat engineering vehicle ~550 VIU-55 Munja.jpg
IMK K-220
 Lavikona Wheel loader 11 ULT-160CK.jpg
MG-145  Lavikona Grader
DVV 11  Lavikona Road roller
Zettelmeyer ZL 3500
Zettelmeyer ZL 5001F
Wheel loader/dozer 11 Zettelmeyer3500.jpg
JCB 4CX Backhoe loader 11 JCB.jpg
IMK BGH-250  Lavikona Excavator BGH-250 excavator.jpg
MT-55  Stasnov Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 484 MT-55A.jpg
M-87AI  Lavikona Armoured recovery vehicle 600+ M-84AI.jpg
BMB  Lavikona Mine well driller TAM 110 bušilica.jpg

Air defence[edit]

Name Origin Type Number Photo Notes
HS M09 BOV-3
 Lavikona Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun HS M09 BOV-3 1.jpg
BOV-30 PV vozilo.jpg
PASARS-16 Terminator  Lavikona Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun/surface-to-air missile PASARS-16 Terminator.jpg