Modern equipment of the Cestrosian Army

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List of equipment used by the Cestrosian Army.

Infantry weapons[edit]


Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Kormas P-72  Cestros Semi-automatic pistol 9×19mm M9-pistolet.jpg 10, 15, 17 or 18-round magazine. Standard issue sidearm.
Kormas P-58  Cestros Semi-automatic pistol .380 Beretta 70 7.65.jpg 7, 8, 9, or 10-round magazine. Compact pistol, limited use by officers and military police.
Kormas P-79A  Cestros Machine pistol 9x19mm B93R.jpg 15 or 20 round magazine. Used by special forces and military police.


Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Kormas-Lekveta T-59  Kadolha
Battle rifle 7.62x51mm Kongsberg AG-3.jpg 20-round magazine. Former standard issue rifle, domestic variant of the Kadolhan BSTR-20. Limited use with reservists and the national guard.
Kormas T-72  Cestros Assault rifle 5.56x45mm AR70.png 30-round magazine. Standard issue rifle. Being replaced by the Kormas T-11.
Kormas T-11  Cestros Assault rifle 5.56x45mm CZ805BREN.jpg 30-round magazine. To become the standard issue rifle of the Cestrosian Army.
Kourilis  Cestros Bolt-action rifle 7.35×51mm Carcano M1891.jpg 6-round integral magazine. Used solely for ceremonial purposes

Submachine guns[edit]

Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Kormas MP-59  Cestros Submachine gun 9×19mm M12S Beretta.jpg 20-, 32-, or 40-round magazine. Widespread service.
Lekveta PMTB-9  Kadolha Submachine gun 9×19mm MP5.jpg 15, 30 or 40 round magazine. Extensive use with special forces.
Lambros M-87  Cestros Submachine gun 9×19mm SOCIMI Type 821-SMG 9x19mm - 1.JPG 32 round magazine. Used mainly by special forces and military police
Lebaki MP-85  Cestros Submachine gun 9×19mm Spectrem4.jpg 30 or 50-round magazine. Used exclusively by special forces.
Kormas MP-3  Cestros Submachine gun 9×19mm CX4 Sideview.png 30-round magazine. Used by the navy and military police.
Kormas MP-217  Cestros Submachine gun 9×19mm PMX.jpg 30-round magazine. Set to steadily replace obsolete models in the coming years.


Name Origin Type Cartridge Photo Notes
Vidalou T3  Cestros Shotgun 12 gauge Benelli M3 Super 90.jpg 7+1 tubular magazine. Near-exclusive use by military police and special forces.
Vidalou T4  Cestros Shotgun 12 gauge Benelli m4 2.jpg 7+1 tubular magazine. Used by special forces.