Modern Equipment of the Stasnovan Revolutionary Army

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Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
Makarov PMM [[Semi-automatic pistol 9x18 PMM  Stasnov Mak compl.jpg 8-round magazine (12 on later versions), standard military and police side arm from 1951 to 1993. Still in service in some reservist units.
MP-443 Grach Semi-automatic pistol 9x19  Stasnov MP-443 Grach 02.jpg 17-round magazine, adopted as a replacement for the Makarov PMM in the Armed Forces. It is currently the standard sidearm for the Police, the Armed Forces and the Varyag KVR (Stasnovan Special Forces).
GSh-18 Semi-automatic pistol 9x19  Stasnov GSh-18 06.jpg 18-round magazine, used by the Varyag.
Stechkin Selective fire machine pistol 9×18mm  Stasnov Stechkin APS.jpg 20-round detachable box magazinee, used by the Varyag and Police Special Forces.

Automatic Rifles[edit]

Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
AKM Assault rifle 5.45x39  Stasnov File:Akm rifle fullstock.jpg 30-round magazine. Limited use, mostly be reservist and Border Guards. Some times used in urban enviroments due to the ability of penetrate heavy cover. Mostly replaced in this role by the AK-103.
AK-74 Assault rifle 5.45x39  Stasnov Ak74assault.jpg 30-round magazine. AKS-74U carbine version in use with special forces. AK-74 rifle in service with some reservist units. Supplemented in most SRA units by AK-74M.
AK-74M Assault rifle 5.45x39  Stasnov Ak74m 91.jpg 30-round magazine. Main service rifle of S.R.A. It is an improved AK-74 with a synthetic folding stock. AK-105 carbine version in use with special forces and has also limited usage in the S.R.A and the Airborne Troops.
AK-103 Assault rifle 7.62x39  Stasnov File:AK-103 Assault Rifle.JPG 30-round magazine, some usage mainly in urban environments due to the ability to penetrate heavy cover.
AN-94 Assault rifle 5.45x39  Stasnov Prototype of AN-94 assault rifle at Tank Biathlon 2014 02.jpg 30-round magazine, new 60-round magazine, 2-round burst mode fired at 1800 RPM. Limited usage by Varyag units.
AS Val Silenced Automatic rifle 9x39 SP-5 or SP-6  Stasnov AS Val (541-03).jpg 10- or 20-round magazine, uses an integrated suppressor. Used by the Varyag and is has also limited usage in the Naval Infantry and the Airborne troops
SR-3 Vikhr/SR-3M Silenced Automatic rifle 9x39 SP-5 or SP-6  Stasnov SR-3 (540-03).jpg 20- or 30-round magazine. Used by the Varyag and is has also limited usage in the Naval Infantry and the Airborne troops

Sniper Rifles[edit]

Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
Dragunov SVD Sniper rifle 7.62x54  Stasnov Interpolitex 2013 (536-15).jpg 10-round magazine, semi auto, main service sniper rifle along with its SVDK variant. The SVU variant is used by special forces.
SV-98 Bolt action sniper rifle 7.62x54mmR  Stasnov SV-98 Engineering technologies - 2010.jpg 10-round detachable magazine, Bolt action. In use by the S.R.A, Naval Infantry, Airborne Troops, Varyag, and Law Enforcement units.
VSS Vintorez Suppressed sniper rifle 9x39 SP-5 or SP-6  Stasnov 51AirborneRegiment49.jpg 10- or 20-round magazine, semi or full auto, uses an integrated suppressor.
KSVK 12.7/KSVK Anti-material rifle 12.7x108  Stasnov KSVK1.jpg 5-round magazine, bolt action, limited usage.
OSV-96 Anti-material rifle 12.7x108  Stasnov OSV-96 MAKS-2009.jpg 5-round magazine, semi auto, can be folded in half, main Anti-Material rifle.

Sub machine Guns[edit]

Weapon Caliber In service Variants Photo
Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
Bizon Submachine gun 9x18mm Makarov 9x19mm Parabellum .380 ACP (9x17mm Short)7.62x25mm Tokarev  Stasnov PP-19 Bizon right view.jpg 64-round helical magazine (9x18mm Makarov). In service from 1996 to present succeeded by the Vityaz-SN
Vityaz-SN Submachine gun 9x19mm Parabellum  Stasnov OSN Saturn special purpose unit (506-20).jpg 30 round box magazine. Standard SMG for all branches of the Stasnovan Military and police forces.
PP-2000 Submachine gun 9×19mm Parabellum  Stasnov PP-2000 with detached magazine.jpg 20 or 44-round detachable box magazine. Used as by the Police and has also limited use in the Armed Forces.

Machine Guns[edit]

Name Type Cartridge Origin Photo Notes
RPK-74 Light machine gun 5.45x39  Stasnov Soviet RPK-74.JPEG 30- or 45-round magazine, based on the AK-74. RPK-74M variant is the main service Squad automatic weapon, while the older RPK-74s are kept in stock.
PK machine gun/PKM General purpose machine gun 7.62x54  Stasnov PKM DD-ST-85-01257.JPEG Belt fed with 100- or 200- or 250-round boxes, uses a heavily modified Kalashnikov design. Replaced by the PKP. Still in service with some reservist units.
PKP "Pecheneg" General purpose machine gun 7.62x54  Stasnov PKP Pecheneg Recon Company 4th Separate Tank Brigade.jpg Belt fed with 100- or 200-round boxes. Main service general purpose machine gun.
NSV (machine gun)/NSV Heavy machine gun 12.7x108  Stasnov NSVT (2).JPG Belt fed with 50-round boxes, former main service heavy machine gun.
Kord machine gun/Kord Heavy machine gun 12.7x108  Stasnov Kord machine gun Engineering technologies - 2010 01.jpg Belt fed with 50-round boxes, replaced the NSV as the main service heavy machine gun.


Grenades and grenade launchers[edit]

Name Type Diameter Origin Photo Notes
RGO hand grenade/RGO Hand grenade 60mm  Stasnov RGO defensive grenade Navy.jpg 6 meter kill radius, 3.8 second fuse, will detonate on impact after being armed for 1.8 seconds.
RGN hand grenade/RGN Hand grenade 60mm  Stasnov RGN offensive hand grenade Navy.jpg 4 meter kill radius, 3.8 second fuse, will detonate on impact after being armed for 1.8 seconds.
GP-25/30/34 Under-barrel grenade launcher 40mm  Stasnov GP-30 grenade launcher.jpg Can be fitted to AKM, AK-74, AN-94, and AK-10X rifles and their variants.
BS-1 Tishina Under-barrel grenade launcher 30mm  Stasnov Tishina automatic grenade launcher.jpg Can be fitted to AKS-74U carbine.
RGM-40 single-shot grenade launcher 40mm  Stasnov Images rpkmn.jpg Stand-alone version of GP-25 with telescoping stock, flip-up sights and AK-type pistol-grip
RG-6 grenade launcher/RG-6/6G30 Multi-shot grenade launcher 40mm  Stasnov RG-6 Interpolitex-2011.jpg 6-round capacity in revolver style cylinders.
GM-94 Multi-shot grenade launcher 43mm  Stasnov Grenade-launcher-GM-94.jpg 3-round tube magazine, pump action, optimized for close quarters battle using grenades with a small kill radius.
AGS-17 Automatic grenade launcher 30mm  Stasnov 30-мм автоматический гранатомет АГС-17 Пламя.jpg Belt fed with 29-round drums, high rate of fire.
AGS-30 Automatic grenade launcher 30mm  Stasnov AGS-30 maks2009.jpg Belt fed with 29-round drums, lightweight modern version of the AGS-17.


Name Type Detonation Origin Photo Notes
MON-50 Anti-personnel mine Tripwire/Command  Stasnov Non armed mon50 anti-personnel clustermine.jpg Propels ~485/540 steel projectiles to a kill radius of 50 meters.
MON-90 Anti-personnel mine Tripwire/Command  Stasnov Jca-MON90.jpg Propels ~2000 steel projectiles to a kill radius of 90 meters.
MON-100 Anti-personnel mine Tripwire/Command  Stasnov MON-100 2 (ORDATA).jpg Propels ~400 steel projectiles to a kill radius of 100 meters.
MON-200 Anti-personnel mine Tripwire/Command  Stasnov Map-MON200-new.jpg A larger and more powerful version of the MON-100.
OZM Anti-personnel mine Tripwire/Command/Pressure  Stasnov OZM 3, 4 und 72.jpg ~500g TNT, fragmentation mine.
POMZ Anti-personnel mine Tripwire/Command/Pressure  Stasnov PMR-2A.JPEG ~75g TNT, fragmentation mine.
PMN mine/PMN Anti-personnel mine Pressure  Stasnov PMN (rechts) und PMN 2.jpeg ~240g TNT, anti-personnel blast mine.
TM-46 mine/TM-46 Anti-tank mine Pressure  Stasnov TM-46 AP-mine.JPEG 5.7 KG TNT.
TM-57 mine/TM-57 Anti-tank mine Pressure  Stasnov TM-57 held with tilt fuze.jpg 6.3 kg TNT.
TM-62 series of mines/TM-62 Anti-tank mine Pressure  Stasnov Winz7.jpg 7.5 kg TNT.
TM-83 mine/TM-83 Anti-tank mine Seismic sensor/Optical sensor  Stasnov 1eec7e46cf69d3fb5dfe014fe7f96ffa18484591v2 00.jpg ~13 kg TNT.
TM-89 mine/TM-89 Anti-tank mine Magnetic sensor  Stasnov Mine2.jpg ~10 kg TNT.
VM-12 Anti-helicopter mine Acoustic sensor/Doppler radar  Stasnov Helicoptermine.png ~12 kg TNT.

Rocket and missile systems[edit]

Name Type Diameter Origin Photo Notes
RPO-A Shmel (Bumblebee)/RPO-A Shmel Shoulder-launched missile weapon 93mm  Stasnov RPO-A missile and launcher.jpg incendiary rockets.
RPG-7 Rocket-propelled grenade 40mm (launcher only, warhead diameter varies)  Stasnov RPG-7 detached.jpg Re-loadable launcher with a variety of anti-personnel and anti-tank munitions available.
RPG-16 Rocket-propelled grenade 58mm  Stasnov Rpg 16 l1.jpg Re-loadable launcher, Higher accuracy and has a longer range than the older RPG-7.
RPG-18 Rocket-propelled grenade 64mm  Stasnov RPG-18 weapon.JPG Single-shot disposable launcher.
RPG-22 Rocket-propelled grenade 72.5mm  Stasnov RPG-22 rocket launcher.jpg Single-shot disposable launcher.
RPG-26 Rocket-propelled grenade 72.5mm  Stasnov Grenade launchers RPG-26.jpg Single-shot disposable launcher.
RPG-27 Rocket-propelled grenade 105mm  Stasnov Tula State Museum of Weapons (79-58) (cropped) RPG-27.jpg Single-shot disposable launcher with tandem-charge warhead in an anti-tank role, and RShG-1 thermobaric warhead for anti-infantry use.
RPG-28 Rocket-propelled grenade 125 mm  Stasnov RPG-28 grenade launcher at Interpolitex-2016 01.jpg Single-shot disposable launcher with tandem charge warhead.
RPG-29 Rocket-propelled grenade 105mm  Stasnov RPG-29 USGov.JPG Re-loadable launcher. Can use PG-29V tandem-charge munitions in an anti-tank role, or TBG-29 thermobaric munitions in anti-infantry use.
RPG-30 Rocket-propelled grenade 105mm  Stasnov РПГ-30-Крюк.jpg Single-shot disposable launcher.
RPG-32 Rocket-propelled grenade 105mm  Stasnov Rpg32-1.jpg Re-loadable launcher. Can use PG-32V tandem-charge munitions in an anti-tank role, or TBG-32V thermobaric munitions in anti-infantry use.
9K111 Fagot/9M111M Fagot-M Anti-tank guided missile 120mm  Stasnov POLK 9K111 Fagot.jpg Designated AT-4C "Spigot C" by NATO.
9M113 Konkurs/9M113M Konkurs-M Anti-tank guided missile 135mm  Stasnov Flickr - Israel Defense Forces - Russian-Made Missile Found in Hezbollah Hands.jpg Designated AT-5B "Spandrel B" by NATO.
9K115-2 Metis-M Anti-tank guided missile 130mm  Stasnov Antitank missile system Metis-M1.jpg Designated AT-13 "Saxhorn-2" by NATO.
9M133 Kornet Anti-tank guided missile 152mm  Stasnov PTRK-98.png Designated AT-14 "Spriggan" by NATO.
9K34 Strela-3 Man-portable air-defense system 75mm  Stasnov SA-14 missile and launch tube.jpg Designated SA-14 "Gremlin" by NATO.
9K38 Igla/9K338 Igla-S Man-portable air-defense system 72mm  Stasnov 9K338 Igla-S (NATO-Code - SA-24 Grinch).jpg Designated SA-24 "Grinch" by NATO.
Verba (MANPADS)/Verba Man-portable air-defense system  Stasnov MAKS2015part7-48.jpg Equipped with an automated fire control system.



Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
T-17 Main battle tank ≈110  Stasnov 4mayrehearsal 05.jpg Fourth Generation Main Battle Tank. More that 3,000 are expected to be produced. Currently in low-rate production.
T-94 Main battle tank ≈3,200  Stasnov T-90A - TankBiathlon2013-12.jpg Main Battle Tank. About 400 have been upgraded to T-94M standards.
T-82 Main battle tank Active/Reserve:5,500  Stasnov T-80U, Engineering Technologies 2010 international forum (2).jpg 400 have been upgraded to T-82M standards, 3,000 are T-82Us and T-82UDs. The rest are T-80BVs, which are currently undergoing modernization to T-80M.
T-74 Main battle tank Active/Reserve ≈14,500  Stasnov T-72B3 - TankBiathlon2013-09.jpg About 1,000 have been upgraded to T-74M3 standards, 2,000 to T-74M2, 2,000 to T-74M1 and the rest are T-74Bs.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
BMPT-15 Medved Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicles 120  Stasnov 4mayrehearsal 02.jpg
BMP-25 Infantry Fighting Vehicles ≈470  Stasnov 4mayrehearsal 17.jpg Currently being mass produced to replace some BMP-2s. Planned to be the standard IFV of the SRA. Depicted here is the upgraded BMP-25M2M.
BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicles ≈4,600  Stasnov Engineering Technologies - 2012 (1-35).jpg
BMP-2 Infantry Fighting Vehicles Active/Reserve ≈8,000  Stasnov BMP-2 (2).jpg
BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles Active/Reserve ≈9,700  Stasnov BMP-1 AP 1.jpg

Personnel Carriers[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
BTR-16 Armoured personnel carrier 440  Stasnov 4mayrehearsal 21.jpg Modern APC intended to operate along and eventually replace the BTR-70, BTR-80/82 and BTR-90 already in Stasnovan Service. In total about 7,000 - 8,500 are scheduled to be produced for Stasnovan service.
BTR-90 Armoured personnel carrier ≈800  Stasnov BTR-90 (1).jpg
BTR-80/82A Armoured personnel carrier Active/Reserve: 7,500  Stasnov Engineering Technologies - 2012 (3-14).jpg
BTR-70 Armoured personnel carrier Active/Reserve 9,100  Stasnov 2015-05-05. Репетиция парада Победы 086.jpg Being withdrawn from service.
BTR-60 Armoured personnel carrier Active/Reserve 7,500  Stasnov BTR-60PB NVA.JPG Being withdrawn from service.
MT-LB Armoured personnel carrier ≈3,100  Stasnov Medic MT-LB - TankBiathlon2013-36.jpg

Logistics and utility vehicles[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
UAZ-469 Light Utility Vehicle 1,601  Stasnov УАЗ-3151 на параде фото1.JPG
GAZ-2975 Tigr Infantry mobility vehicle 995  Stasnov GAZ 2975 Tigr.JPG Tigr-M variant entered service in 2013
GAZ-33097 Light cargo truck 850  Stasnov 27th Independent Sevastopol Guards Motor Rifle Brigade (182-3).jpg
Ural-4320 Medium cargo truck 1201  Stasnov Урал-4320.JPG
Ural-43206 Light cargo truck 541  Stasnov Ural-43206 transport truck.jpg
Ural-5323 Heavy cargo truck 694  Stasnov Ural-5323.jpg
KamAZ 43501 Medium cargo truck 341  Stasnov Kamaz P9190209.JPG
KamAZ-5350 Heavy cargo truck 541  Stasnov Interpolitex 2011 (402-25).jpg
KamAZ-6350 Mustang Heavy cargo truck 1310  Stasnov KamAZ-6350 truck, 2011.jpg
KamAZ-65225 Tractor unit 751  Stasnov KamAZ military tank transporter.jpg
KamAZ 63968 Typhoon Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected truck 218  Stasnov KAMAZ-63968 Typhoon armored vehicle.jpg Used chiefly by Varyag units.



Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
2S12 Sani 120mm Heavy mortar Active: ≈875
Reserve: 1,000
{ Stasnov 2S12 Sani (heavy mortar system).jpg
2B14 Podnos 82mm Infantry mortar Active: ≈643
Reserve: 2,500
 Stasnov 2B14 Podnos at "Engineering Technologies 2010" forum.jpg
2B9 Vasilek 82mm Gun-mortar  Stasnov MH-82.png

Field artillery[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
2A18 D-30 122mm Howitzer Active: ≈3,232
Reserve: 2,000
 Stasnov 122- мм гаубица Д-30 (1).jpg
2A36 Giatsint-B 152mm Howitzer Active: ≈1,388
Reserve: 1,085
 Stasnov 152-мм пушка Гиацинт-Б (5).jpg
2A65 Msta-B 152mm Howitzer Active: ≈1,332
Reserve: 600 <
 Stasnov 2A65 Msta-B.JPG
M-46 130mm Field Gun ≈95  Stasnov 130-мм пушка М-46 образца 1953 года (1).jpg
MT-12 Rapira 100mm Anti-Tank Gun ≈468  Stasnov 100-мм противотанковая пушка Т-12 Рапира (1).jpg

Self-propelled artillery[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
2S1 Gvozdika 122mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Active: ≈522
Reserve: 1,800
 Stasnov 6742 - Moscow - Poklonnaya Hill - Tank.JPG
2S3 Akatsiya 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Active: ≈1,131
Reserve: 1,600
 Stasnov 2C3 Uraltransmash.jpg
2S4 Tyulpan 240mm Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar Active: ≈312
Reserve: 100
 Stasnov 2S4 Tyulpan.jpg
2S5 Giatsint-S 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Active: ≈237
Reserve: 500
 Stasnov Self-propelled gun 2S5 "Giatsint-S" with 152-mm gun 2A37..JPG
2S19 Msta-S 152mm Self-Propelled Howitzer Active: ≈812  Stasnov 2S19 Msta-S of the Ukrainian Army.jpg
2S9 Nona
2S23 Nona-SVK
Self-Propelled 120mm Mortar ≈230
 Stasnov Vladimir Putin 14 July 2000-4.jpg
2S81 Basilisk 203mm Self-Propelled Howitzer ≈90  Stasnov 4mayrehearsal 67.jpg More in production to replace all other SPG types.

Rocket artillery[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
BM-21 Grad 122mm Multiple Rocket Launcher Active: ≈1,129
Reserve: 3,200
 Stasnov BM-21.JPG
BM-27 Uragan 220mm Multiple Rocket Launcher Active: ≈395
Reserve: 312
 Stasnov 9K57 Uragan 2.jpg
BM-30 Smerch 300mm Multiple Rocket Launcher Active: ≈122
Reserve: 180
 Stasnov 9К58 Смерч 3.jpg More in production.
TOS-1 220mm Thermobaric Rocket Launcher ≈106  Stasnov Tactical exercises of Radiological, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops units at Shikhani training ground (410-26).jpg

Tactical ballistic missile systems[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
OTR-21 Tochka-U/SS-21 Tactical ballistic missile 131  Stasnov Точка-У.jpg 482 kg conventional warhead, 100 kt nuclear, maximum 120 km missile range.
9K720 Iskander-M/SS-26 Tactical ballistic missile 94  Stasnov May 5th rehearsal of 2014 Victory Day Parade in Moscow (562-39).jpg 480 kg conventional warhead, maximum 400 km missile range.

Air defence vehicles[edit]

Please note that the Stasnovan Revolutionary Air Force (Air Defence Forces Command, the PVO) operates an additional 821 S-300PM, 341 S-400s, 85 S-500B and 84 Pantsir-S1s.

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
9K33 Osa Short Range SAM ≈314  Stasnov 9K33 Osa of the Russian Army.jpg
9K35M3 Strela-10M3 Short range SAM ≈385  Stasnov Strela 10.jpg
9K331M Tor-M1 Short range SAM ≈214  Stasnov VDay Parade Rehearsal Moscow04.jpg
9K37M1 Buk Medium range SAM ≈574  Stasnov VDayParadeRehearsal2009-01.JPG
9K22 Tunguska Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon ≈302  Stasnov VDay Parade Rehearsal Moscow03.jpg
Pantsir-S1 Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon ≈36  Stasnov Moscow Victory Parade 2010 - Training on May 4 - img17.jpg
S-300V Antey-300 Long-range SAM ≈232  Stasnov 9K81 S-300V launcher.jpg