Modern Equipment of the Granzerian Royal Army

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Military Equipment[edit]

  • RS4/4 parachute
  • RS4/4 LA parachute
  • MANTA parachute
  • 93M frag grenade
  • 96M frag grenade
  • AN/PVS-14 Gen3 Monocular Night Vision
  • HALEM-2 laser rangefinder
  • 15/80 binocular
  • PSZNR-5 recce locator
  • FMG 68 decontamination vehicle
  • SSM-1 chemical marker
  • IH-95 radiation level and contamination meter
  • CAM radiation level and contamination meter
  • VFK chemical recce pack
  • DS-10 regiment decontamination pack
  • TMF-2 automatic weather station
  • 93M protecting suit
  • 96M protecting suit
  • DECOCOM 3000 decontamination container
  • regiment decontamination trailer



Name Image Calibre Type Origin Notes
SZK 78M 5.5x48mm Assault Rifle  Granzery Extensive use with frontline troops, support troops and reservists, mostly replaced in active service are of K78K3 and K78K2 type. Most K78K1 models are in service with reservists and support troops.
GK 72M 7.62x39mm Assault Rifle  Granzery Extensively used by Military Police. Capability to fire rifle grenades, often used by reserve forces rather than an underbarrel grenade launcher.
SZK 67M 7.62x39mm Assault Rifle  Granzery Primary infantry rifle of Granzerian Reserve forces. Most in service with reservists are K67S2.
K 59M File:AMMSz.jpg 7.62x39mm Assault Rifle  Granzery Kept in stockpile for infiltration due to resemblance to Stasnovan AKM.
K 58M 7.62x39mm Assault Rifle  Straknia Limited service, occasionally used by reservists but almost entirely retired.
SKS 7.62x39mm Carbine  Stasnov Ceremonial weapon used by national guard in Straknia and Transkarpatia.
Kt.Kar35 7.35×56mm Bolt Action Rifle  Granzery Ceremonial.

Sub Machineguns[edit]

Name Image Calibre Type Origin Notes
GPSZTY 56M 9×19mm SMG  Granzery Used by reservists, prison guards, support troops and Gendarmerie.
PM-84P 9×19mm SMG  Ziridava Used by reservists, support troops and Gendarmerie.
SZK 78M Bukik 9×19mm SMG  Granzery Extensive service.
GPSZTY 03M 5.7×28mm PDW  Chilokver Main service PDW.
GPSZTY 204M 9×19mm SMG  Verdesa Main service SMG.


Name Image Calibre Type Origin Notes
P 70M 9×19mm Pistol  Granzery Limited service
P 98M 9×19mm Pistol  Granzery Main pistol of the GGF
P 110M 9×19mm Pistol  Granzery Used by SOF forces.
P 14M 9×19mm Pistol  Elesar Used by airborne, marines and Republican Guard


Name Image Calibre Type Origin Notes
GPSZKA 63M 7.35×56mm General Purpose machine gun  Granzery Standard machine gun.
GPSZKA 80M 5.5x48mm Light machine gun  Granzery Standard light squad automatic weapon.
GPSZKA 121M 5.5x48mm Light machine gun  Granzery
To replace the GP 80M, Granzerian domestic production of the FM 28AP rechambered for 5.5x48mm.
GPSZKA 102M 12.7x108mm Heavy machine gun  Granzery


Name Image Calibre Type Origin Notes
SP 2M 20 or 12 gauge Pump-action Shotgun  Verdesa Used by prison guards and police.
SP 3M 12 gauge Semi-automatic Shotgun  Verdesa Used by Military police, riot squad and police.

Grenade Launcher[edit]

Name Image Explosive Diameter Type Origin Notes
GRV 119M 40mm Grenade Grenade Launcher  Granzery
AGRV 40mm Grenade Grenade Machine gun  Granzery

Sniper Rifle[edit]

Name Image Calibre Type Origin Notes
ÖMP 71M 7.35×56mm Sniper Rifle  Granzery Standard designated marksman rifle. Semi automatic.
MP 98M 7.35×56mm Sniper Rifle  Granzery Standard Infantry Sniper rifle. Bolt action.
MP 90M 12.7x108mm Anti-Material Rifle  Granzery Anti material rifle. Semi automatic.

Anti Tank[edit]

Name Image Warhead Type Origin Notes
PCRK 85M 110mm Hollow Charge Anti-tank weapon  Granzery Extensive service with reservists, frontline forces and support units
PCRK 100M 90mm HEAT or HESH warheads Anti-tank weapon  Granzery Dual capability warhead effective against built up locations and light armour, capable of being fired in enclosed locations due to minimal backblast
APIR 81M 130mm tandem-charge HEAT warhead Anti-tank missile  Granzery Main service ATGM, multiple variants include short range (RT), long range (HT), infrared (IV).

Anti Air[edit]

Name Image Warhead Type Origin Notes
IVR 97M 3x submunitions, 0.90kg tungsten alloy darts SACLOS Man-portable air-defense system  Granzery Standard MANPADS.


Name Image Type In Service Origin Notes
86M Mezőkés Field Knife
 Granzery 1978 Standard issue Field Knife and Bayonet
Huszar Szablya Sabre  Granzery - A variety of sabres are used ceremonially by Huszars



Name Image Type In Service Main Gun Origin Notes
PcKTr 62M 'Jaguár' Main Battle Tank 3,100 PL 111M 120 mm smoothbore gun  Granzery Largely sees service with reservists and part of mechanized formations.
PcKTr 65K 'Jaguár Korszer' Main Battle Tank 3,310 PL 112M 120 mm smoothbore gun  Granzery Extensive Service.
PcKTr 66F 'Jaguár Fejlődés Main Battle Tank 550 PL 112M 120 mm smoothbore gun  Granzery Limited service.
PcKTr 56M Huszár Main Battle Tank - 2A20 115 mm smoothbore gun  Granzery It it estimated over 1,500 tanks remain in reserve with an unknown number in long-term storage.
PcKTr 38M Main Battle Tank - D-10T 100 mm rifled gun  Granzery
Approx. 500 PcKTr-38S4A2 types in reserve. Unknown number have been mothballed but RDF predict approximately 5,000 PcKTr-38S4A2 and PcKTr-48S4 types could be reactivated if necessary, heavily upgraded Stasnovan T-55.
MFR SpKaJ 342M Cobra File:120mmSpKaJpiton.jpg Assault Gun 62 PL 112M 120 mm smoothbore gun  Granzery Granzerian tank destroyer based on the SpKaJ 338 Piton. Currently in limited service. Another 500 currently on order.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles[edit]

Name Image Type In Active Service Armament Origin Notes
SpKaJ 390M Griffmadár Armoured Car ≈312 -  Verdesa
Internal Security Vehicle, used by Military Police, paramilitary, and law enforcement.
SpKaJ 500M Komondor MRAP ≈2,457 N/A  Granzery Fireteam Mobility Vehicle
SpKaJ 455M PTCM Armoured Car ≈522 -  Granzery Lightly Armoured recon and patrol vehicle
SpKaJ 231M KKPS Armoured Personnel Carrier 0 GP63 MG  Granzery 5,000+ remain in reserve and 10,000+ in storage.
SpKaJ 272M Jávorszarvas Armoured Personnel Carrier ≈5,263 GP63 MG  Verdesa
Extensive Service with reservists, some 5,000 remain in reserve.
SpKaJ 338M Piton Armoured Personnel Carrier ≈8,077 Modular gun mounting up to 120mm cannon.  Granzery Modular weapons system used for a variety of weapons systems such as mortar, anti air and mobile gun system. Approximately 500 have been upgraded to SpKaJ-3382 Piton-2 standard, with greatly increased payload and protection.
SpKaJ 372M Musztáng Armored reconnaissance vehicle ≈313 25mm autocannon.  Verdesa
Domestic variant of the Auranian TPz-72 used for armoured recon and can be used as troop transport when needed. Some models are equipped with just 7.8mm GPMGs.
SpKaJ 401M Juhászkutya Infantry Fighting Vehicle ≈3,917 35mm autocannon
Grenade Machineguns (later versions)
 Granzery Main Service IFV
SpKaJ 300M BMP-1M Infantry Fighting Vehicle ≈1,000 76mm cannon
Modified Stasnovan BMP-1, approx. 2,000 in reserve. 5,000+ in long-term storage.
SpKaJ 450M Dragonyos Infantry Fighting Vehicle ≈139 35mm autocannon
To replace other IFVs in service by 2025.

Self Propelled Artillery[edit]

Name Image Type In Service Main Gun Origin Notes
SpKaJ 340M Bukikcsillag Mortar Carrier 110 120mm Mortar  Granzery Cheaper and lighter than the Hullócsillag, to be introduced in conjunction with the Hullócsillag.
SpKaJ 339M Hullócsillag Mortar Carrier 900 2x120mm Mortar  Granzery Main Service Regimental mortar (the same mortar is also able to be mounted on the SpKaJ-450 Dragonyos chassis.
SpKaJ 310M Csillagsztrájk Self Propelled Gun 1,900 155mm Howitzer  Granzery Main Service SPG.
TSRR 106M Rocket Artillery 125 10x 300mm Rocket  Granzery
KRTR 94M Rocket Artillery 235 40x122mm Rocket  Granzery Modification of the BM-21 Grad. Firing cluster munitions or high explosives.
SAR 77M Faker Surface-to-ship missile 83 6x350mm Anti-ship missile  Granzery
SAR 10M Surface-to-ship missile 20 6x350mm Anti-ship missile  Granzery

Anti Air[edit]

Name Image Type In Service Armament Origin Notes
SpKaJ 416M Láncfűrész Self Propelled Anti Air Gun 150 76mm Autocannon  Granzery Also used for C-RAM, able to defend installations such as artillery and air defence installations from rocket, artillery and mortar assault.
SpKaJ 341M Hátsófűrész Self Propelled Anti Air Gun 600 1x40mm Autocannon  Granzery Based on the Python APC.
SpKaJ 376M Fémfűrész Self Propelled Anti Air Gun 200 2x35mm Autocannons  Granzery To be replaced with Hátsófűrész.
FEKER Medium Range Surface-to-air missile 500 Radar guided Missiles  Granzery Adapted air-to-air missile with a ground based search radar. Variety of missiles with ranges ranging from 50km to 105km. Towed only.
SpKaJ 343M FEKER Medium Range Surface-to-air missile 300 Radar guided Missiles  Granzery Modified FEKER mounted on the base of a SpKaJ 338M Python.
L 1M SLR Medium Range Surface-to-air missile 400 Radar guided Missiles  Granzery Being replaced by the FEKER. Towed only.
SpKaJ 356M Csillagsikolya Short Range Surface-to-air missile 250 8x SACLOS guided Missiles  Granzery Vehicle mounted variant of the IVR 97M MANPADS.
HTDLR GROSZTAR Long Range Surface-to-air missile 445 Radar guided Missiles  Granzery Long range missile initially developed for naval warfare but adapted to land-based systems. Capacity to engage ballistic missiles, missile range of a maximum of 120km.

Mortar and Towed Equipment[edit]

Name Image Calibre Type In Service Origin Notes
VálH 60M 60mm Infantry Mortar 2,410  Granzery Platoon and Company-level mortar.
ZásH 81M 81mm Infantry Mortar 1,490  Granzery Battalion level mortar.
EzH 120M 120mm Infantry Mortar 800+  Granzery Regimental level mortar.
CsaT 78M 155mm Howitzer 1,340  Granzery Pack Howitzer used for Regimental and Divisional Artillery.

Utility Vehicles[edit]

Name Image Type Quantity Origin Notes
HídHk 62M Armored Bridge Laying Vehicle 96  Granzery Derived from the PcKTr-62.
PclGépj 62M Engineering Vehicle 54  Granzery Derived from the PcKTr-62.
PcHszJ 62M Armored recovery vehicle 165  Granzery Derived from the PcKTr-62.
FÉMC Csapatszállító Utility Vehicle 13,103  Granzery Command vehicle, staff car, transport, and general use utility vehicle.
Csába Lidérc 22M Utility Vehicle 1,513  Granzery All terrain transport, mostly replaced by the SpKaJ-444 Dingó still sees use within reservist units for fireteam mobility.
Csába LH4127 Truck 7,404  Granzery 4x4 Light logistics and utility truck. Also used for troop transport and can be equipped with light armour to protect from small arms and shrapnel.
Csába LT1076 Truck 2,056  Granzery 6x6 Medium logistics truck.
Csába LH1549 Truck 3,696  Granzery 8x8 Heavy logistics and utility truck.

Uniforms and protective gear[edit]

Name Image Type Material Origin Notes
2015M Gyalogosisak Combat helmet Kevlar  Granzery To replace the mtz 1984. Used by Marines, Paratroopers and Special Forces.
1984M Gyalogosisak Combat helmet Kevlar  Granzery Standard Ground Force combat helmet.
1970M Helmet Combat helmet Steel  Granzery Kept in reserve.
Acélsisakját 1916M Combat helmet Steel  Granzery Ceremonial helmet
K-Sapka mtz 1974 Ceremonial Cap Cotton  Granzery Ceremonial cap used when helmets are not necessary