Mar de la Patria

From Atlas
Map of the Achelian sea with Verdesa highlighted in red

Mar de la Patria ("Homeland Sea") is an antiquated Verdesan term for the Achelian Sea as well as a historic ideal and foreign policy goal that states the Achelian is an integral part of maintaining Verdesa's national sovereignty and that dominance over it is vital to the survival and prosperity of the Verdesan nation.

Nationalists still commonly use the term in a poetic and irredentist sense. The Resurgist government, while not officially recognizing the principle, is widely believed to confidentially take part in attempting its realization, including efforts to exert maritime merchant and military force throughout the stretches of the sea, with large amounts of funding being allocated to the expansion and increased operational capability of the Verdesan Navy. The Verdesan government has also made efforts to engage in cordial relations and increased export trade to Achelian-bordering nations such as Ahras, widely believed to be in an aim to exercise increased soft power in the region.