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The Sàenlig Arms Company Joop is an Odentian 4x4 utility vehicle assembled by the Sàenlig brothers of Collines operating as the Sàenlig Arms Company. It is an unlicensed reproduction of the highly successful Meralan Jeep 4x4, assembled out of the Sàenlig garage in Mobile. The Sàenlig brothers produced approximately 200 Joops over a few years before numerous road incidents involving the vehicles led to their being pulled from the road by the Odentian Infrastructure Office.

The Joop is a wholly unlicensed reproduction of the Meralan Jeep. The Sàenlig brothers had purchased a Jeep secondhand from a local off-roader in 1974, and spent the next three years reverse-engineering the vehicle. By 1979, they had managed to construct a working replica, and showed it off regularly around the backwoods of Mobile.

Like some models of the Jeep, the Joop featured a 5-speed manual transmission. The engine was frequently the only part of the vehicle not manufactured by the Sàenlig brothers. The original sources for the engines were often old Stasnovan GAZ-51 trucks; exactly where the Sàenlig brothers managed to acquire these engines is unknown and was under investigation by the Odentian authorities for several years. (See more...)

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All Hail The Hyperlord!

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  • Tenburg creates nuclear rounds to fire from its restored battleships. "Haha big guns go boom," says Chairman of Defense.
  • Volgaria becomes superpower in 2020 and instantly creates a giant fleet consisting of 50 aircraft carriers
  • Following a fifteen-minute debate session of OCN, the countries of the world are unified and declared the United Odentian Reality. All hail the Hyperlord!
  • Granzery resists the rule of the Hyperlord and is razed into the ground with nuclear missiles.
  • Lyonia is declared to be "neat" and will retain its sovereignty and good cuisine.
  • Odentian king Mathieu I declares himself the Hyperlord of Humanity, asserting dominion over all the lands of Earth and its fishes and seas.
  • Odentia, unveiling a secret new submarine several kilometers in length, declares itself "the Hyperpower" and commands all nations to pledge fealty to Mathieu I.
  • The Odentian-Acronian war turns global after Odentia uses the Acronian nuclear arsenal to destroy several key Stasnovan cities.