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City of Magas-torony

From top, left to right: Magas-torony Casino, The Szigiszmund II Mosque, the Ruins of Aksiava, Magas-torony beaches with high-end resorts by night.
Country Granzery
AksiavaCirca 7th Century BCE
 • BodyMagas-torony City Council
 • Urban256.3 km2 (99.0 sq mi)
 • Metro1,224.0 km2 (472.6 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Density3,529.2/km2 (9,141/sq mi)
 • Urban1,560,322
 • Metro4,319,682

Magas-torony is a city in Granzery, it is the third most populous city in Granzery after Véragyőr and Csongrád. The City is a part of the CVMt Triangle, which is the second largest metropolitan area in Vesperia after Defense, Acronia. Magas-torony forms a vital part of the Granzerian economy with its large port and booming tourism industry.

Magas-torony has largest port in Granzery, as well as significant Granzerian Royal Navy presence. Magas-Torony is one of the largest tourist destinations in Granzery, after only Csongrád, and is roughly equivalent to Véragyőr in terms of its yearly tourist intake. Most tourists visit Magas-torony to visit the world-famous Magas-torony Casino, which is a registered OCN Heritage site, and the Magas-torony beaches, which attract visitors from across Central and Eastern Vesperia.