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MAR-12 Jaghond

Type Assault rifle
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 2012-present
Used by Altsean Armed Forces
Production history
Designed 2009-2011
Manufacturer Talamnrath Precision Systems
Unit cost $800
Produced 2011-present
Variants MR Marskman rifle, SW support weapon
Length 730 mm (29 in)
Barrel length 215 mm (8.5 in)

Cartridge 5.56x45mm, 7.62x51mm, 7.62x39mm
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire 700 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 600 m/s (2,000 ft/s)
Effective range 500 m (550 yd)
Feed system 20, 30 or 45 round detachable box magazine
Sights Front and rear flip up battle sights

The standard issue service rifle of the Altsean military, the MAR-12 has the distinction of being one of few ACC Defence Division rifle designed specifically to order for a foreign power. The MAR-12 operates with the same principle mechanism as the AM-96/64 series of rifles but using a modernized design and materials to increase its accuracy and lower its weight, while maintaining the AM's ease of maintenance and reliability under battle conditions all the while improving on ergonomics.

The MAR-12 was designed specifically to be able to withstand dusty and sandy environments, warm and cold climates, as well as be lightweight and easy to use in confined spaces such as buildings. The initial MAR-12 has an almost carbine length, while its folding adjustable stock allows it to be stored easily for transport, in vehicles and aircraft for example. This makes it suited to be used as an infantry and crewman's weapon.

Its modular design also includes a support weapon and marksman rifle variant, allowing for interchangeable parts to be used across an entire squad, reducing strain on logistics and resulting in fewer different parts being required for maintenance.


TPS redesigned the action to integrate the steel with polymer, which is much lighter than the fully steel receiver of the original AM rifles. While the upper receiver is machined steel and the receiver top features a Picatinny rail, polymer has been introduced to the lower receiver of the weapon to reduce the gun's weight. This has led to a very lightweight, compact and reliable rifle with modern furniture and ergonomics. A departure from the AM rifles' "rock-in" style of magazine catch, the MAR-12 uses a last round bolt catch and a single-press drop out magazine release, in which the bolt will hold open after the last round has been fired, until such a time as the bolt catch is released. This significantly reduces reloading times during combat. The Jaghond uses flip up iron sights and a collapsible stock on a folding mock-buffer tube.

The gas tube, unlike the AM-64 system, is mounted on the rifle via a dovetailed slide machined on the receiver upper-front block. This avoids any movement of the gas block influencing barrel vibration, which would degrade accuracy.

The original AM-64's weight was 4.6 kg, but thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, the MAR-12 weighs a total of 2.96 kg, almost half that. The trigger is a two-stage trigger for all variants, resulting in more control over shots and a more crisp and smooth 4 lb. 13 oz. [4.8 lbf, 21.4 N] trigger pull.

The side forearm rails of the weapon have central grooves to provide routing channels for electric wiring used by pressure switch activated accessories. The forearm comes with quick detachable polymer covering panels that can be mounted to protect the rails when a side or bottom rail has no accessories mounted to it.

The barrel is chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged (similar to the AMW-280), with a 1:7″ twist for 5.56×45mm NATO, 1:9.5″ for 7.62×39mm and 1:12″ for 7.62×51mm NATO. In order to improve reliability of the AM's action, the system has been fully enclosed within the upper receiver, with a dust cover over the ejection port to prevent dirt and debris from fouling the action. The enclosing of the action results in far less open spaces in the gun for dirt and sand to ingress into, something which the AM series suffered from due to its lineage of being an AK design.


MAR-12 MR[edit]

MAR-12 marksman rifle

The MAR-12 Marksman Rifle is chambered for 7.62x51mm or 7.62x39, and features a semi automatic firing mode, as well as a fixed adjustablee stock. Its barrel length is 437mm, extending the rifle's maxmimum range, with an estimated distance of 600-700 metres, and a 900 m/s bullet velocity. A deployable bipod allows for better shooter stability. The average MOA is under 2, with 0.83 inch groupings common with match-grade ammunition.

MAR-12 SW[edit]

MAR-12 support weapon

The MAR-12 Support Weapon variant is designed for the 45 round magazine, and features a more solid stock for stability, as well as a foregrip for controlled automatic fire. It features a 407mm barrel length, allowing for accurate sustained fire at ranges of up to 600 metres. The MAR-12SW adds additional firepower without sacrificing mobility and weight, a luxury not afforded by belt-fed LMGs.