List of service rifles of national armies

From Atlas

A list of the main service rifles used by the militaries of the sovereign nations of Atlas.


Country Image Name Year Caliber Details
 Acronia ARUAK TBA 5.56x45mm
 Antitanca MAR-1A 2007 5.56x45mm
 Vazandia MAR-1A 2007 5.7x45mm
 Chilokver AR-10 2010 5.56x45mm Recently introduced following the phasing out of the old AR-69.
Template:Country data Chionium N-95 2004 4 px
 Elesar FB Beryl 1997 5.5x48mm
 Estheria EAK-1 2009 5.45x39mm
 Gorbatov AV-01 2001 5.45×39mm
 Granzery SZ K78 1978 5.5x48mm Most upgraded to the K78K2 and K78K3 (pictured) models introduced in 1997 and 2007 respectively.
 Odentia FR Mk. III 1992 5.56x45mm Being phased out in favour of the FR Mk IV
 New Cambria M1994 Carbine 1994 5.56x45mm
 Stasnov AK-74M TBA 5.45x39mm
 Tenburg RC-04 2012 5.5x48mm Based off Odentian FR MK.III
 Verdesa INFAE Fusil-95 TBA 5.5×48mm
 Ziridava AR-M1 1999 5.56x45mm