List of main battle tanks by generation

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Main battle tanks are often classified as belonging to a particular generation, although the actual definition and membership in these generations is not clearly defined. In 1983, Rolf Hilmes saw three tank generations and three "intermediate generations", which consisted mainly of upgraded vehicles. The first generation of main battle tanks were based on or influenced by designs of Second Great War, such as the Stasnovan T-34, Granzerian PcKTr-44M Hunyadi and Elesarian Panther tank. The second generation was equipped with NBC protection, IR night vision devices, a stabilized main gun and at least a mechanical fire control system. The third generation is determined by the usage of thermal imagers, digital fire control systems and special (composite) armour.

First generation[edit]

The first generation consists of the medium tanks designed and produced directly after World War II that were later redefined as main battle tanks.

Name Picture Entered service in Origin Notes
T-57 ???  Stasnov Stasnov's First Generation of MBT introduced during the Second Great War.
SzPc-46M 1946  Granzery Granzerian first-generation first battle tank introduced in the last year of the Second Great War.
M47 Berzerker 1947  Tenburg Tennish first-generation MBT introduced during the Second Great War.

Second generation[edit]

The second generation had enhanced night-fighting capabilities and in most cases NBC protection.

Name Picture Entered service in Origin Notes
T-62 ???  Stasnov A further development of the T-57.
T-67 ???  Stasnov
P63 Torc 1963  Ederland
T-57AG-3 1964 Granzery Granzery A further development of the T-57, also known as PcKTr-38.
VCB.65 "Puma-1" 1965  Aurania
M66 Dullahan 1966  Tenburg Capable of 55 kph, equipped with LG3A 105mm gun.
UMB-72 Conquérant 1968  Acerria Produced with technical assistance from Acronia, UMB-72 remains in some frontline service today.
P72 Sionnach 1972  Ederland
T-74 ???  Stasnov Hilmes puts the T-74 in the first intermediate generation.
PcKTr-38S2 1975 Granzery Granzery T-57 with new engine, FCS computer, composite armor, equipped with new APFSDS ammunition. Frontal protection of PcKTr-38S2 with composite add-on equals first T-74s.

Third generation[edit]

The third generation of main battle tanks is characterized by composite armour and computerized stabilized fire control systems, which allow firing on the move as well as very high first hit probability on targets up to 2,000 meters away.

Name Picture Entered service in Origin Notes
T-82 1976  Stasnov World's first turbine engine equipped tank. However, T-82 in Hilmes's book is very different to a T-84 in real world, and early models of the T-82 offer no big differences compared to T-67A in overall performance. So models prior to the T-82B should be regarded as Second generation intermediate.
VCB.80 "Puma-2" 1980  Aurania
PcKTr-69 Jaguar 1983 Granzery Granzery
M-87 1985  Lavikona A Lavikonan variant of the Stasnovan T-74.
M85 Collach 1985  Tenburg Running on the same chassis as the M66, the M85 featured the LG9C 120mm gun.
Mark 2 Type 6 "Hussar" ???  Chazicaria
T-74S1M3 1990  Elesar An Elesarian development of the T-74S1.
AMG Chacal 1993  Acronia
T-94 1993  Stasnov Updated version of the T-74; originally introduced into service on October 1992 as T-72BU, but simultaneously renamed as the T-90
PcKTr-38S4-2 1997 Granzery Granzery The modernised PcKTr-38S4-2 variant was updated in 1997.
M-93 1997  Lavikona
UMB-41 Paladin 1997  Acerria
PcKTr-69 Jaguar 2 1997 Granzery Granzery
T-74S1M4 2001  VSO All post-T-74S1M3 models are considered Third Generation.
T-74M2V 2007  Zolevskoy
T-97 Korzhev ???  Elesar

Next Generation/Third generation advanced[edit]

Next Generation or Third Generation Advanced are still under development or at early stages of their generation. While the term '(Fourth) Next generation' and 'Third generation advanced' have no formal basis, these main battle tanks are using the latest technology and designs to compete with the current advanced warfare environment. "Third Generation Advanced" been stated, rather than "Next Generation" in many premieres for these tanks. Those described as "Third Generation Advanced" are normally upgraded variants using the same framework of the standard third generation tank. They have their advancements built into existing or newly designed frames than being an add-on technology. Those described as "Next Generation" have had their tanks and their advanced features designed and built from scratch and are not considered upgrades of previous existing tanks.

Next Generation/Third Generation Advanced

Name Picture Entered service in Origin Notes
T-94M 2011  Stasnov 3rd Generation Advanced
BT-92M 2013  Gorbatov 3rd Generation Advanced
PZ-4 "Dragoon" 2012  Vazandia Next Generation
T-97B Korzhev ???  Elesar 3rd Generation Advanced
T-17 2015  Stasnov Next Generation
PcKTr-69 Jaguar 2 Enhanced 2016  Granzery Third Generation Advanced
BT-16 2016  Gorbatov Next Generation
PcKTr-69 Jaguar 3 2018  Granzery Next Generation
VCB.220 "Puma-2V" 2019  Aurania 3rd Generation Advanced
M17 Prionsa 2020 (Expected)  Tenburg Next generation MBT featuring a 128mm gun.