List of equipment of the Odentian Ground Defense Force

From Atlas
Model Image Origin Type Caliber Notes

(Standardized as CMR Mk.VII)

 Odentia Handgun 9×22mm Introduced in 1973.

Primary sidearm for OGDF.

Alpha-77G  Odentia Handgun 12.7×33mm Upgrade of Alpha-72.

G for Grande (Large). Chambered in .50. SOCOM use only.

MAC-57  Acronia Handgun 5.7×28mm In use by SOCOM
Submachine guns
Automatic rifles

(standardized as FR Mk. III)

 Odentia Assault rifle 6.5×39mm Primary rifle of the OGDF.

Being phased out in favor of the FR Mk. IV for overheating concerns.


(Standardized as FR Mk. IV)

 Odentia Assault rifle 6.5×39mm Replacing the FR Mk. III.

For use in SOCOM.


(Standardized as FR Mk. II)

 Odentia Battle rifle 8.6×63mm Replaced by the FR Mk. III.

In limited use in MP and reserve roles.