List of equipment of the Armed Forces of Acronia

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The following is a list of equipment of the Armed Forces of Acronia:

Small arms[edit]

Model Image Caliber Type Origin Details
Foxwood P98 MAC-50 detoured.jpg 9×19mm Parabellum Pistol  Acronia To be replaced by ACE Roland P613
ACE Roland P613 SIGSauerP226.JPG 9×19mm Parabellum Pistol  Acronia Main service pistol the Acronian Union Army
MAC-57 FN5701.jpg 5.7×28mm Pistol  Acronia Limited use in special forces
Submachine guns
MP3 MP5t.png 9×19mm Parabellum Submachine gun  Chilokver
MP4 Heckler & Koch MP7A1.jpg 4.6×30mm Submachine gun  Chilokver Used by special forces and vehicle crews
Assault, battle rifles
ARUAK Rifles FAMAS.jpg 5.56×45mm Assault rifle  Acronia Standard service rifle
FN SCAR-L - FN SCAR-H.jpg 5.56×45mm
Assault rifle
Battle rifle
 Acronia Used by special forces
G7 HK416.jpg 5.56×45mm Assault rifle  Chilokver Used by special forces
Duckworth Mod 4 Duckworth Mod 4.jpg 12-gauge shotshell Pump action shotgun  Acronia Used by special forces
Machine guns
FM-28AP M249 FN MINIMI DA-SC-85-11586 c1.jpg 5.56×45mm Light machine gun
Squad automatic weapon
 Odentia Standard machine gun
Duckworth 1952 Mitrailleuse-IMG 1728.jpg 7.62×51mm General purpose machine gun  Acronia To be replaced by the M28A
M28A Mk 48 PEO Soldier.jpg 7.62×51mm General purpose machine gun  Acronia To replace the Duckworth 1952
FM-12.7CAL M2 Browning, Musée de l'Armée.jpg .50 BMG Heavy machine gun  Odentia Mounted on vehicles or tripods
Sniper rifles
G6 Heckler & Koch HK417 Sniper Rifle of PASKAL.JPG 7.62×51mm Designated marksman rifle  Chilokver Main designated marksman rifle
AAE Vasseur FRF2 lunette Schrome.jpg 7.62×51mm Sniper rifle  Acronia To be replaced by the MAC Trésor
MAC Trésor Ultima Ratio Commando slovenske vojske.jpg 7.62×51mm Sniper rifle  Acronia To replace the AAE Vasseur
MAC Orage Mini Hecate 338.jpg .338 Lapua Magnum Sniper rifle  Acronia Used by special forces
MAC-Patrie PGM Hecate.jpg .50 BMG Anti-materiel Rifle  Acronia