List of Political Parties in Ziridava

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The Parties[edit]

Parties Represented in the Montazh[edit]

Logo Name Abbr. Leader Ideology Political Position Seats Vote Share (%) Notes
File:TBD Justice & Freedom
Справедливост и свобода
SIS Evgeni Mihov Ziridavan Nationalism
Social Conservatism
Right-wing Populism
Right-wing 58 57.2
Ziridava Independence Party
Зиридава партия за независимост
ZIP Nedyalko Valov National Conservatism
Right-Wing Populism
Economic Liberalism
Center-right to right-wing 42 42.8%
File:TBD National Liberal Party
Националнолиберална партия
NLP Tsvetanka Ignat Social Democracy
Center to center-left 21 TBD
- Independent
N/A - - - 10 TBD
File:TBD Ziridava Strong
Зиридава Силен
ZS Kuzman Danchev Liberal conservatism, national conservatism, anti-communism Center-right 5 TBD

Minor Parties[edit]

The following parties are registered, and are eligible for ballot access in some administrative districts, however are not represented in the Montazh.

  • Preservation Party (Парти за опазване (PZO) - Ziridavan Nationalism, Economic Nationalism, Right-Wing Populism, Anti-Stasnovan Sentiment, Anti-Gorbatovic Sentiment
  • Liberal Alliance (Либерален алианс (LA) - Ziridavan nationalism, right-wing populism, anti-corruption
  • Ziridavan Social Party (Солев партия Зиридаван (SPZ) - Democratic socialism, left-wing nationalism, left-wing populism
  • Advance (Предварително (PR) - Big tent, anti-corruption
  • Green Party (Зелена партия (ZP) - Green politics, green liberalism, social liberalism

Past Parties[edit]

The following parties were registered at one time and received some representation in local, federal or provincial government, but were either disbanded or outlawed.

  • Ziridavan People's Party (Народна партия Золевскоян (NPZ)) - Kraussist-Moskvinist (1947-1987)