List of Political Parties in New Cambria

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The Parties[edit]

Parties Represented in the New Cambrian Congress[edit]

Logo Name Abbr. Leader Ideology Political Position Senate House of Representatives Popular Vote Share (%) Notes
Federalists FED Romain Beauregard Nationalism
Right-wing 24 53 45.3%
Labour NCL Ryan de Calais Social democracy
Social liberalism
Centre-Left 21 50 44.8%
Agrarian FAP Jimmy Knox Agrarianism
Gun Rights
Big Tent (factions)
2 8 4.85%
Greens GRN Jack Bailess Green politics
Social Liberalism
Left-wing 2 2 4.25%
Whigs WHG Susan Reich Conservatism
Centre-Right 1 0 0.8%

Minor Parties[edit]

The following parties are registered, and are eligible for ballot access in some administrative districts, however are not represented in the Senate or House of Representatives.

Past Parties[edit]

The following parties were registered at one time and received some representation in local, federal or provincial government, but were either disbanded or outlawed.