List of Political Parties in Alainia

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The Parties[edit]

Parties Represented in the Alainian Parliament[edit]

Logo Name Abbr. Leader Ideology Senate Federal Assembly Regional Governors Popular Vote Share (%) Notes
Socialist Unity ASU Raymond Mitchell Pro-VP
Labour Rights
17 53 3 ---
Farmers and Country FaC Kenneth McKay Environmentalism
Gun Rights
9 50 2 ---
Green GoA Jess Locke Environmentalism
Green Politics
8 11 1 ---
Liberal LIB Corey Jacobs Conservatism
4 3 0 ---
Communist CPA(KM) Eamon Sandwith Communism
2 0 0 ---
End Prohibition Now! EPN Richard J. Lahey Anti-Drug Prohibition 1 0 0 0.8%
Wildlife Preservation WPP Jodie Pasternack Conservationism 0 1 0 ---

Minor Parties[edit]

The following parties are registered, and are eligible for ballot access in some administrative districts, however are not represented in the Senate or House of Representatives.

Past Parties[edit]

The following parties were registered at one time and received some representation in local, federal or provincial government, but were either disbanded or outlawed.