List of Heads of State of Estheria

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The Head of State in modern day Estheria is the foremost political power in the nation, this list includes the leaders of Estheria from its Independence in 1874.

Presidents of the Estherian Confederacy[edit]

Portrait Name Party Took office Left office Notes
1 ThomasOvertonMoore.jpg Lorenzo Guevremont
None (Independent) January 8th, 1870 June 18th, 1878 "Father of the Confederacy"
2 Governor William Calvin Oates.jpg Emmanuel Francois de Boubin
Continentalists June 18th, 1878 June 18th, 1890 Estherian general during the War of Independence
3 Francis T. Nicholls.jpg Joseph R. Bailess
Charterists June 18th, 1890 December 1st, 1892 Only President to be assassinated
4 HenryDickersonMcDaniel.jpg Jackson John Dewey
Charterists December 1st, 1892 June 18th, 1893
5 JosephMacBrown.jpg Moriarty W. Leclair
Continentalists June 18th, 1893 June 18th, 1902
6 Emmet O'Neal cropped.jpg Josephus Montbatton
Charterists June 18th, 1902 June 18th, 1911
7 Earl Leroy Brewer.jpg Lee C. Reins
Continentalists June 18th, 1911 June 18th, 1917
8 HL whitfield Gov.jpg George de la Croix
Charterists June 18th, 1917 June 18th, 1929
9 Richard RussellJr.jpg Robert Pedersen
Continentalists June 18th, 1929 June 18th, 1941
10 Oscar K. Allen.jpg H.R. Lalouche
Continentalists June 18th, 1941 June 18th, 1947
11 Former Gov. and Mrs. Ross Barnett at Paul Johnson's Inaugural Ball, Jan., '64..png Yancy Du Pont
Continentalists June 18th, 1947 June 18th, 1950
12 Francis Cherry.jpg Francois Wainwright
Charterists June 18th, 1950 June 18th, 1962
13 George C Wallace.jpg Theodore K. Williams
Continentalists June 18th, 1962 August 25th, 1968 Final President of the Estherian Confederacy.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Estherian Democratic Republic[edit]

Portrait Name Party Took office Left office Notes
14 John Dewey cph.3a51565.jpg Clayton La Fayette
Communist Party of Estheria September 6th, 1968
(position created)
January 9th, 1972
Considered the 'Father of the Nation', the Capital City of Estheria was posthumously renamed La Fayette in his honour.
15 Gus Hall Cropped.jpg Austin Berwick
Communist Party of Estheria January 9th, 1972 August 30th, 1975
Interim General-Secretary after the death of La Fayette
16 Browder-Earl-R-1939.jpg John Emerson Rockwell
Communist Party of Estheria August 30th, 1975 March 16th, 1978(died)
17 ToussaintPortrait.png Louis Toussaint
Communist Party of Estheria March 16th, 1978 February 3rd, 1990
18 Rapaheljackson2.jpg Raphael Jackson
Communist Party of Estheria February 3rd, 1990 August 17th, 1999
19 Comradegeneralsecretary.jpg William Davis Scott
Communist Party of Estheria August 17th, 1999 October 23rd, 2020 Longest serving General Secretary in Estherian history.
20 JebBush.jpg Tucker Daley
Communist Party of Estheria October 23rd, 2020 Incumbent Currently serving General Secretary