List of Equipment of the Republic of Ziridava Air Force

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Republic of Ziridava Air Force[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number in service Comment
Fighter aircraft
VeK-29 Bulgarian mig-29 r-27.jpg  Stasnov Multirole Fighter 50 VeK-29KM1, 25 VeK-29KM2 75 VeK-29KM1s are upgraded with the superior SR/A-115 radar, modern ECM and navigation systems, and have had their engine and avionics refurbished. KM2 variant is similar, but are equipped with subsystems that allow the plane to use EDEN munitions such as the Mk. 82 dumb bomb, AGM-88 HARM, AGM-65, and the AIM-120 in its boresight visual mode.
Lu-25 Bulgarian Su-25K Frogfoot.jpg  Stasnov Close air support jet Lu-25K/ZO 25 Ziridavan upgrade, includes upgrades such as a new navigation system, enhanced survivability, more accurate weapon delivery, and other minor changes
Transport aircraft
Fi-76 76310 IL76(TD) Armenian Air Force VKO UUWW (36027916195).jpg  Stasnov Strategic Transport 5
C-130 Lockheed C-130 Hercules.jpg  Merala Tactical Airlift
Electronic warfare
C-139J (15)
C-130H (4)
EC-130 (2)
Super King Air Angled shot of Malaysia Air Force's Beechcraft Super King Air MPA.jpg Template:Country data TBD Utility/Transport (10)
B200 16
Bonanza Ifta-a36-N812AD-071115-01-16.jpg Template:Country data TBD Utility A-36 6
G550 RSAF Gulfstream IAI G550 CAEW (Conformal Airborne Early Warning).jpg Template:Country data TBD CAEW (2)
SEMA (3)
Boeing 737 AEW&C 공중조기경보통제기 (7445565660).jpg  Miscatie AEW&C 3
Training aircraft
DAR I-22 PZL I-22 Iryda Polish Air Force (modified).jpg  Ziridava Advanced trainer I-22A 20
DAR-130 PZL-130 Orlik 2b.jpg  People's Republic of Ziridava Intermediate trainer DAR-130A 15
VeK-29UB New Jersey Air National Guard trains with Bulgarian air force at Thracian Star 150713-Z-YH452-100.jpg  Stasnov Advanced trainer 12
Khermes 450 Zik Squadron (Hermes 450), (cropped).jpg  Ziridava Unmanned combat aerial vehicle 5 Adapted to operate as a combat drone, capable of firing 2 missiles
Tvŭrdo IAF-Eitan--Independence-Day-2017-Tel-Nof-IZE-099.jpg  Ziridava Unmanned combat/reconnaissance aerial vehicle 15
Khermes 900 Hermes 900 Takeoff.jpg  Ziridava Unmanned aerial vehicle 5
Khermes 90 Elbit Hermes 90.jpg  Ziridava Unmanned aerial vehicle 8
Chapla IAI Heron( framed).jpg  Ziridava Unmanned aerial vehicle 2
Kharop IAI Harop PAS 2013 02.jpg  Ziridava Loitering munition ~40 True number of units in service is kept classified
Kharpiya Paris Air Show 2007-06-24 n25.jpg  Ziridava Loitering munition ~95 True number of units in service is kept classified
Z-3 Sokol Czech Air Force PZL W-3A Sokol Helicopter.jpg  Ziridava Utility Helicopter, VIP transport, CSAR, Air ambulance Z-3A, Z-3ZA, Z-3RL, Z-3AE 12 Z-3A, 4 Z-3ZA, 12 Z-3RL, 2 Z-3AE
SZ-4 Sova Krzesiny 120RB.JPG  Ziridava Trainer/Utility Helicopter 4

Naval Aviation[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number< Comment
All aircraft
SH-79 Seagoose Sikorsky S 70B-6 Aegean Hawk (cropped).jpg  Miscatie Anti-submarine warfare helicopter SH-79B-6 12
Z-3WARM Anakonda Anakonda NTW 9 93 2a.jpg  Ziridava SAR 10
Si-14 Manewry NATO Noble Mariner (cropped).jpg  Stasnov SAR Si-14ZL/R 2
M28 PZL M28B bis (Bryza Bis) (09).jpg  Ziridava Utility transport
Maritime patrol
Environmental monitoring
4 M28B
7 M28B 1RM bis
2 M28B 1E
P-3C Orion Lockheed P-3C Orion, Portugal - Air Force JP7495968.jpg Template:Country data TBD Maritime patrol
Anti-submarine warfare
P-3C CUP 3


Air-to-air missiles[edit]

Model Origin Role Notes
AIM-120C AMRAAM XXX Medium/long range active radar guided missile
R-27R1 Stasnov Medium range semi-active radar-guided missile
R-73 Stasnov Short-range IR-guided missile
R-60 Stasnov Short-range IR-guided missile Kept in storage

Air-to-surface missiles[edit]

  • AGM-114K2 Hellfire: Anti-tank/bunker missile
  • Hydra 70: Unguided air-to-ground rockets
  • 9K114 Shturm: Anti-tank missile
  • Kh-29: Air-to-surface missile
  • Kh-25: Air-to-surface missile
  • Kh-28: Anti-radiation missile
  • AGM-65: Air-to-surface missile
  • AGM-88: Anti-radiation missile
  • S-8: Unguided air-to-ground rockets
  • S-13: Unguided air-to-ground rockets
  • SB-92: Anti-ship missile
  • MU90 Impact: Anti-submarine torpedo
  • Mark 46: Anti-submarine torpedo

Air-to-surface bombs[edit]

  • GBU-12
  • GBU-16
  • GBU-22
  • GBU-24
  • Mark 82
  • FAB-250/500/1000

Air Defence Artillery Command[edit]

Anti-air systems[edit]

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
PPSD-20 Long/Medium range SAM 16 batteries/64 launchers  Ziridava PPSD-20.jpg
S-300PS Long range SAM 6 systems/6 launchers  Stasnov S-300BG Parade.jpg
SPP-18-MO6G Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon 346  Ziridava SPP18.jpg
Crotale NG Short range SAM 17  Miscatie Crotale NG P1220851.jpg
PPO Shtuka MANPADS ~400  Ziridava Chironmanpad.jpg
ADS Twin 23 mm Anti-Aircraft Autocannon 530  Stasnov
Bulgarian truck-mounted AA-gun in 2012.jpg Locally produced ZU-23-2


Name Type Origin Photo Notes
SR/P-2110 Medium range tactical AESA radar  Ziridava ELM-2106NG Radar Mockup.JPG
SR/P-2120 3D multi-mission AESA radar  Ziridava ELTA ELM-2084 MMR.JPG
SR/P-2020 multi-function X-band phased array 3D PESA radar  Ziridava PPSDradar.jpg Integrated with PPSD-20 batteries
SR/C-2130 Early-warning AESA radar  Ziridava Zolevradar1.jpg Early warning radar, with a range of 800 kilometers.
SR/C-3110 Coastal radar  Ziridava 2226radar.jpg