Lipnitian People's Party

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Lipnitian People's Party

Липнитска народна страна
Lipnitska narodna strana  (Lipnitian)

ChairmanBranislav Kobylovič
Secretary-GeneralVladimir Miedviedj
FounderStanislav Namyslov
Founded1 April 1992
HeadquartersDobromir, Lipnitia
Youth wingLipnitian People's Youth
Membership (2019)946,460
IdeologyLipnitian nationalism
Social conservatism
National conservatism
Ethnic nationalism
Political positionThird Position
White, gold, red
Party flag

The Lipnitian People's Party (Lipnitian: Липнитска народна страна, Lipnitska narodna strana; LNS), also known as the Lipnitian National Party, is the founding and ruling political party of Lipnitia. It is the sole governing party in Lipnitia, with all other parties in the country being subordinate to it, making Lipnitia a de facto one-party state led by the People's Party.