Lew Dobrzyński

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Lew Dobrzyński
3rd President of the Bloodian Republic
In office
10 January 1800 – 5 May 1820
Personal details
Born Lew Dobrzyński
(1769-08-15)15 August 1769
Switna, Bloodia
Died 5 May 1820

Lew Dobrzyński (born 15 August 1769) was a Bloodian Revolutionary Army officer served as President of Bloodia from 1800 until his death in 1820. Lew self-proclaimed Bloodia as an Empire while bringing many powers to the Presidency as well as defeating enemies who attempted to invade and destroy the new Republic and attempted in spreading Republicanism to the rest of Zemlya. After his death the nobility who were oppressed under him revoked many of his reforms leading to the stagnant state of the Bloodian Republic until 1889.

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