Legatian Air Forces

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Multiservice plane designation Primary Designator- can also be used as a secondary designator if plane fills both roles P- Pugnator-Fighter A- Adgressus- Attack C- Copiam- Supply/Cargo I- Inanibus- Unmanned/Drone H- Helicoptrum- Helicopter B- Bombardium- Bomber L- Lanista- Training

Secondary Designator- only be assigned as a secondary designator 

S-Speculatum- Surveillance/ Reconnaissance R- Recibus- Aerial refueling E- Electronicum- Electronics warfare/ AWACS U- Utilitatem- Utility S- Specialisl- Special Forces usage P- Personas- VIP transport Q-Quaerere- C/SAR capable

Legatian Air Forces[edit]

Aircraft Photo Origin Role Version Number Comment
Fighter aircraft
Caemerus P-30 Falco  Legatia Air Superiority/ Multirole Fighter P-30C
P/A-30E and later are ground attack-capable.
Dianum P/A-26 ''Pantherus''  Legatia Multirole Stealth Fighter PA-26A 86 To replace the P-30C entirely.
Camerus P-96 ''Vespa''  Legatia Stealth Air Dominance Fighter PA-96B 122 Supermaneuverable stealth fighter with limited GPS-guided precision ground attack capabilities.
Attack aircraft
Omnium A-9 Sphinx'  Legatia Attack/ Limited Multirole A-9E 114 Ground-attack aircraft.
Bomber aircraft
Omnium B-76 ''Velum''  Legatia Strategic Bomber A-9E 64 Mainline long range strategic bomber, also capable of maritime strike.
Transport aircraft
C-68 Hercules  Legatia Strategic Airlifter 44
Nicium CP-6 Lectica  Legatia VIP Transport 12
Omnium C-200 Oerucel  Legatia Tactical Airlifter 62 To partially replace the C-140.
Omnium C-140 Ameridor  Legatia Tactical Airlift C-140 77
Matsium CP-111 Delegatus  Legatia VIP Transport 12
Special-mission aircraft
Nicium CE-6 Thameia  Legatia Airborne Early Warning & Control 22 AWACS aircraft
Omnium AE-9Fulmen  Legatia Electronics Warfare/SEAD 46 Dedicated electronics warfare and SEAD variant of the A-9 Sphinx.
Nakajima TV-63  Chilokver
In-air refueling 8
Training aircraft
Coureuse E-24 Conseiller  Acerria Initial aircraft trainer 75
SdAR-DA ET-33 Pèlerin  Odentia Multi-engine/ transport trainer 12
SdAR-DA E-44 Savant  Odentia
Jet Trainer 31
Beniveu HE-34 Perroquet  Acerria Primary helicopter trainer, converted verson of Beniveu HU-34 16
Jument HU-12 Hirondelle
HS-12C Noir Hirondelle
HD-12F Hirondelle
HP-12E Blanche Hirondelle
 Acerria Medium Utility/ SOF/ CSAR/ VIP transport helicopter HU-12
Beniveu HU-34 Perroquet  Acerria Light Utility Helicopter 55