La Fayette

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La Fayette, Estheria
City of La Fayette
Red Street, Tourism district
People's Assembly Hall Houses in La Fayette
Skyline from the Harbour
Clockwise from top: Tourism District; People's Assembly Hall; Skyline from the La Fayette Harbour; Houses in the Waterfront District
Country Estheria
RegionCentral Estheria
Historic SubdivisionsAcronian Empire 1730-1802
United Provinces of East Antigonia 1802-1874
Settled (town)1730
 • Urban1,559,872
 • Metro2,651,674

La Fayette formerly known as Francville or Franzburg is the capital and most populous city in Estheria. It was renamed in 1955 in honour of the first General Secretary of Estheria, Clayton La Fayette.