Kingdom of Bloodia

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Kingdom of Bloodia
Krewska Królestwo



Capital Krzywogród
Languages Bloodian
Religion Bloodian Native Faith
Government Monarchy
 •  1168-1183 King Czesław Krzywicki (first)
 •  1771-1784 King Włodzisław V (last)
Legislature None
 •  Principality of Krzyżomierz unites the Bloodian tribes 1168
 •  Revolution 1784
Currency Korony Lakierz

The Kingdom of Bloodia was formed shortly after a serious of wars between the Principality of Krzywogród and the remaining Bloodian tribes. Bloodia stayed in a continued rivalry with the Kadolhan Empire until its collapse in 1503 and the Personal Union of the King of Bloodia and the Queen of Sataria forming Bloodian-Satarian Union in 1504. King Włodzisław V was ousted by the nobility and merchant classes in 1784 where he fled to Sataria claiming to be king of the Bloodians and Satarians until his death in 1812.