Khrabryy-class destroyer

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Mirnoye c.2018
Class overview
Builders: Zvezda Shipyards, Stasnov Stasnov
Operators: Stasnovan Revolutionary Navy
Preceded by: Otvazhnyy-class
Built: 2014-present
In service: 2016-present
Planned: 40
Building: 4
Completed: 7
Active: 5
General characteristics
Class and type: Multi-role Guided Missile Destroyer
Displacement: 10,000
Length: 169.4 metres
Beam: 20 metres
Draught: 5.79 m
Propulsion: 2 shaft COGAG, 4x gas turbines
Speed: 32 knots
Range: 4,500 nautical miles (8,300 km; 5,200 mi) at 15 knots
Complement: 280
Sensors and
processing systems:
  • Bronya 5P-30K 4-faced AESA multi-function radar
  • Shlem-3 5P-27 air search radar
  • MR-331 Mineral-ME surface search radar
  • MRU-800 More long-range 3D air search radar
  • Puma 5P-10 artillery control radar
  • Zarya M sonar and Vinyetka towed array sonar
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
  • Prosvet-M EW Suite
  • TK-25E suite
  • 24-cell bow VLS with: 3M55 (Oniks) anti-ship cruise missile, 3M54T (Kalibr) anti-ship cruise missile, 3M14T (Kalibr) land attack cruise missile
  • 48-cell fore VLS with: 9M100 (Redut) surface-to-air missile (quad-packed), 9M96 (Redut) surface-to-air missile, 9M96E/E2 (Redut) surface-to-air missile
  • 16-cell aft VLS with: 40N6E (S-400) surface-to-air missile, 77N6-N/N-1 (S-400) anti-ballistic missile
  • 16-cell aft VLS with: 91RTE2 (Kalibr) anti-submarine cruise missile/light torpedo
  • x2 RPK-9 Medvedka ASW missile systems
  • x2 RBU-6000 ASW rocket launchers
  • x2 Pantsir-M combined missle-gun CIWS
  • x1 130 mm Amethyst/Arsenal A-192M naval gun
Aircraft carried: 2 × Ka-27 series helicopter
Aviation facilities: Helipad and hangars for two helicopters

The Khabryy-class destroyer (Pr. 31595A) is a class of guided missile destroyers of the Stasnovan Revolutionary Navy. The first ship of the class started building in 2014 and entered active service in 2016. It is the first Stasnovan guided missile destroyer with a canister-type vertical launch system and fixed active electronically scanned array radars. 5 ships of the Khabryy-class are active, with 4 more under constructions and a total of 40 planned.


The Project 31595 destroyers began life in a 2010 guided missile destroyer competition held by the Minister of Defence. The requirements were laid out for a 9-11,000 ton design that incorporated VLS systems and area air defence capability, that were meant to function as escorts for the planned Admiral Kulakov-class carriers, as the existing major surface combatants of the SRN were begining to saw their age and were deemed insufficient in that role. Several Design Bureaus submitted their designs, including Gorbatovic teams, and the Project 31595A - submitted by the Tkhachenko Naval Institute - was chosen from among them. The new vessels were planned to be laid down in early 2012. However, due to political maneuvering by the other branches, the Army in particular, the navy budget was axed and diverted, leaving the navy unable to build the new vessels. The Navy protested, but to no avail.

The class was revived in 2014, with Nikolai Krasnov's reelection as Premier of the Stasnovan Union. Krasnov had promised the Navy an incrased naval budget, and they rallied behind him, helping him secure reelection. 2014 was dubbed "The Navy's year", as a large portion of the the annual military budget was diverted to the navy, with a particular focus in the building of new vessels. This began the rapid Stasnovan naval modernisation and expansion that has been going on in recent years. Meanwhile, the Tkhachenko Naval Institute's designers had worked on refining the ship, and the improved design - dubbed Project 31595A - was approved for construction in March 2014. The first hull was layed down in August, and the class was named Khabryy, Brave.


The ship features an extensive EW and radar suite. Onboard sensors include the Bronya 5P-30K 4-faced AESA multi-function radars, which are mounted on the forward superstructure. The 5P-30K also acts as a targetting radar for the Redult series suface-to-air missiles. Other sensors are the Shlem-3 5P-27 long-range air search radar air search radar mounted on top of the fore mast, and the older MRU-800 air search radar mounted on the aft mast, which acts in a secondary/back up role. For surface search, the Khabryy makes use of the MR-331 Mineral-ME surface search radar, mounted on top of the bridge, as well as a Puma 5P-10 artillery control radar mounted in front of the main mast. The ship features a variety of navigational radars and sattelite antennas. Finally, the Khabryy-class is equipped TK-25E electronic warfare/counter measures suite.

Despite the ship's focus on anti-aircraft warfare, it carries a mutli-purpose armament. It is equipped with fore 24-cell and aft 16-cell UKSK-type universal VLS blocks for the Kalibr family of cruise missiles. Those can accomodate any missile in the Kalibr family depending on the mission profile, but standard practice is loading the aft cells with the 91RTE2 ASW variant, while loading the fore cells with 3M54T anti-ship and 3M14T land-attack variants. AAW armament is housed in a fore 48-cell and an aft 16-cell VLS of the Redult family for the eponymous series of SAM missiles. The fore VLS block is usually loaded with 9M96 and 9M96E/E2 missiles, as well as the smaller, shorter-ranged 9M100, which can be quad-packed. The aft VLS block is the largest Redut variant, and was installed with the 40N6E and 77N6-N/N1 ABM-capable ultra-long-range missiles in mind, which were still in prototype stage when the ship was designed. Ships of the class started receiving these missiles in 2018. Finally, Khabryy's armament includes 2 Pantsir-M combined missle-gun CIWS, a 130 mm Amethyst/Arsenal A-192M naval gun, 2 RPK-9 Medvedka ASW missile systems as well as 2 RBU-6000 ASW rocket launchers.

The Khabryy-class ships have a length of 169.4 metres, a beam of 20 metres and a draught of 5.79 m. They are equipped by four gas turbines (each generating a total of 27,000 bhpm) which are coupled to two shafts, each driving a five-bladed reversible controllable-pitch propeller. The Khabryy-class includes facilities for two Kamov Ka-27 series helicopters as well as a helipad, and two RHIBs are stored on either side of the forward funnel.

Ships of the class[edit]