Karschwil Mobilization Forces

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Karschwil Mobilization Forces
Emblem used by the KMF
Dates of operation2021-present
LeaderIngolf Arnfried
MotivesReincorporation of South Kardzhali into Ausferiland
Active region(s)Ausferiland
South Kardzhali
IdeologyAusferilandian Nationalism
Resurgist Socialism
Major actionsArmed resistance, bombings, assassinations, guerilla warfare
Means of revenueFunded by Ausferiland, and possibly Verdesa

The Karschwil Mobilization Forces (Vazandisch: Mobilisierungskräfte Karschwil) is an Ausferilandian militant group that operates mainly against South Kardzhali. The KMF's main stated goal is to reincorporate South Kardzhali into Ausferiland, which was formerly a region of the country before declaring independence in the Ausferilandian Civil War. The force is mostly made up of ethnic Ausferilandians, although there are reported to be some Ausfer-Ziridavans as well as foreign volunteers. The actual size of the KMF has not been disclosed, but it is believed it could consist of 800-1,500 fighters. It is believed that the KMF was formed shortly after Ausferiland's defeat in the 2020 Ausfer-Ziridavan War by the military junta, who seized power in January 2021. Some also have accused Verdesa of assisting the force with funding and equipment.





Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
M1930  Vazandia Pistol 9x19mm Kept in reserves
CZ-75  Odentia Pistol 9x19mm
Criado P-85  Verdesa Pistol 9x19mm
Criado P-200  Verdesa Pistol 9x19mm
FAL  Odentia Battle Rifle 7.62x51mm
M16A2  Vazandia Assault Rifle 5.56x45mm
INFAE Fusil-77 File:SG 540 Manurhin.jpg  Verdesa Assault Rifle 5.5x48mm
INFAE Fusil-95  Verdesa Assault Rifle 5.5x48mm
INFAE Fusil-59  Verdesa Battle Rifle 7.35×56mm
FN Minimi  Odentia Light machine gun 5.56×45mm
MAG  Odentia GPMG 7.62x51mm
GP-63M  Verdesa GPMG 7.35×56mm
PKM  Stasnov GPMG 7.62x54mm
RPK  Stasnov Light machine gun 7.62x39mm
M2  Odentia Heavy machine gun 50. BMG
DShKM File:СКстрільби.jpg  Stasnov Heavy machine gun 12.7x108mm
MP-3  Chilokver Submachine gun 9x19mm
Criado M-63  Verdesa Submachine gun 9x19mm
INFAE MPA-90  Verdesa Submachine gun 9x19mm
Arctic Warfare File:Accuracy International AW.png  Acronia Sniper rifle 7.62x51mm
INFAE FT-77  Verdesa Designated marksman rifle 7.35×56mm

Anti-Tank and Anti-Air[edit]

Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
Recoilfreiesgewehr-49  Vazandia Recoilless rifle 84mm
RPG-7  Stasnov Rocket propelled grenade 40mm (launcher only)
FIM-92 Stinger  Vazandia MANPADS 70mm Limited numbers
FIM-43 Redeye  Vazandia MANPADS 70mm
9K38 Igla  Stasnov MANPADS 72mm
MILAN  Acronia Anti-tank Guided Missile 136mm
9M113 Konkurs  Stasnov Anti-tank Guided Missile 135mm