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City of Kantelyek

From top, left to right: Nagykert Province Council Chambers, Nagykert Theatre, View down historic King Bécs Street, the Central Kantelyek post office.
Country Granzery
 • BodyKantelyek City Council
 • Metro1,172.7 km2 (452.8 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 • Density963.43/km2 (2,495.3/sq mi)
 • Metro1,329,812

Kantelyek is the capital city of Nagykert Province, Granzery, it is the 9th largest city in Granzery and is the second largest City in Nagykert Province after Mezővörös. The City is known for its historic architecture and is the administrative and economic centre of Nagykert province.

The City was founded by the Bastarnae in the 2nd Century CE as Sofiava, during the Sassic Wars Sofiava formed the northmost frontier of the Bastarnae civilization, and had one of the largest ancient military presences in modern day Granzery. Following Grozyar migrations in the 8th Century, Sofiava was one of the last Bastarnae cities in Granzery to be conquered, and remained a hub of the Bastarnae culture until being conquered by the Kingdom of Granzery during the 14th Century.