Kadolhan passport

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Kadolhan passport
Кадољска путовница
Kadoljska putovnica
Front cover of a Kadolhan biometric passport
Date first issued4 August 1869 (letter)
15 May 1920 (booklet)
1 January 1989 (machine-readable passport)
7 April 2006 (biometric passport)
Issued by Kadolha
Type of documentPassport
Eligibility requirementsKadolhan citizenship
Expiration10 years; 6 years for ages under 18

The Kadolhan passport (Kadolhan: Кадољска путовница / Kadoljska putovnica) is the primary travel document issued to Kadolhan citizens for international travel.

Passports are issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and if the citizen resides abroad, at the embassy. Every citizen is only allowed to own one Kadolhan passport, official passports are issued to members of the Cabinet of Ministers, public services and non-diplomatic staff at embassies. Diplomatic passports are issued to high-level government officials.


The first travel documents for travel overseas by Kadolhan citizens were introduced in 1869 in the form of a letter. These letters required a specific stamp to be considered genuine and official, which was only obtainable from government officials. In 1920, the Kadolhan government introduced a passport in the form of a booklet, but there were three types, a official passport, diplomatic passport and a regular civilian passport, much like the current ones today. A machine-readable passport was introduced in 1989, followed by a biometric passport in 2006, which is the current one adopted.



Current passports are issued in accordance to the National Law on Travel Documents and all Kadolhan citizens are required to have a passport for travel abroad. Kadolhan passports have inscriptions in white letters written in Kadolhan Cyrillic - ЉУДОВЛАДА КАДОЉСКА (REPUBLIC OF KADOLHA) at the top and ПУТОВНИЦА (PASSPORT) at the bottom, divided by the Kadolhan eagle in the center. The biometric passport symbol is located on the very bottom of the front cover, along with the RFID chip present inside of the document.

Identity information page[edit]

The Kadolhan passport includes the following data:

  • Photo of the passport holder
  • Type (П - "Путовница", translated to passport)
  • Issuing country (КАД - Кадољска, translated to "Kadolha")
  • Passport serial number
  • Name of bearer
  • Nationality ("Људовладе Кадољске" - Republic of Kadolha)
  • National identity number
  • Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Sex
  • Registered domicile
  • Date of issue (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Date of expirity (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Signature of bearer


All Kadolhan passports, civilian, diplomatic or official passports are printed in Kadolhan, this also includes the personal data inside the document.


The Kadolhan passport contains 35 more pages for visas and border stamps. These pages are perforated with the passport's serial number and have page numbers with watermarks.


The passport types are as follows:

  • Regular/civilian passport: Issued to Kadolhan citizens.
    • Civilian passports are issued in two different lengths of validity: ten and six years. Kadolhan citizens below the age of 18 can only be issued a six-year passport, while citizens with the age of 18 and above are issued ten-year passports. Processing time takes up to 25 to 30 days.
  • Official passport: Issued to members of the Cabinet of Ministers, public services and non-diplomatic staff. At the bottom of the front cover, the inscription in white is "СЛУЖБЕНА ПУТОВНИЦА", meaning "OFFICIAL PASSPORT".
  • Diplomatic passport: Issued to high-level government officials. At the bottom of the page of the front cover, the inscription in white is "ПРЕДСТАВИТЕЉСКА ПУТОВНИЦА", meaning "DIPLOMATIC PASSPORT".

All Kadolhan passports issued after 7 April 2006 are biometric passports.