Kadolhan Native Faith

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The Kolovrat, an ancient Slavic symbol used by Kadolhan Rodnovers

The Kadolhan Native Faith (Kadolhan: Кадољско родновєрє, Kadoljsko rodnovjerje), also known as Kadolhan Rodnovery, is a Pagan religion and the official state religion of the Republic of Kadolha.

Kadolhan Rodnovery is considered an ethnic religion, practitioners strongly oppose miscegenation and mixing with other ethnic groups who are not considered Kadolhan or fall out of the Slavic line of groups. Its pantheon consists of the following gods: Perun, Svetovid, Mokoš, Veles, Stribog, Jarilo, Dažbog and Morana. The patron of the Rodnovers is Stanislav Kraljević, a noble Kadolhan hero, often nicknamed Slayer of Eutrucians, because of his role in dismantling the Eutrucian Empire in the Cozars, and numerous war crimes committed against the Eutrucian population at the time.