Kadolhan National Naval Force

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Kadolhan National Naval Force
Кадољска народна ратна морнарица
Kadoljska narodna ratna mornarica
KNNF Emblem.png
Emblem of the Kadolhan National Naval Force
Active 5 July 1508 – present
(514 years, 2 months and 26 days)
Country  Kadolha
Allegiance Kadolha Bureau of National Defence
Type Navy
Role Territorial sea defence
Size 200,000 active personnel
16,000 reserve personnel
462 aircraft
191 vessels
  • 29 submarines
  • 1 aircraft carrier
  • 10 amphibious ships
  • 24 frigates
  • 16 destroyers
  • 41 corvettes
  • 2 cruisers
  • 13 minesweepers/hunters
  • 15 patrol vessels
  • 25 fast attack craft
  • 14 auxiliary ships
  • 1 historical ship
Part of  Kadolhan National Defence Forces
Headquarters Naval Station Kormilo, Varina
Nickname KNNF
Patron Stribog
Motto "Our Vessels are the Weapons of War fueled by the Sea"
Colors                Red, Black, White
March Тамна єдра Залива
Tamna jedra Zaliva
(The Dark Sails of the Bay)
Anniversaries 5 July (Day of the Naval Force)
Engagements Reunification War
First Great War
Second Great War
Battle honours See battle honours
Grand Admiral of the National Naval Force Radovan Marković
Ensign Flag of KNNF.png
Naval Jack Navаl Jack of Kadolha.png
Roundel KNAF Roundel.png
Aircraft flown
Fighter K-18
Helicopter OKR-532
Utility helicopter OKR-355, OKR-565
Patrol Ł-8, SLVN-77
Trainer T-5
Transport Ł-3, UŁ-12, Ł-130

The Kadolhan National Naval Force (Kadolhan: Кадољска народна ратна морнарица / Kadoljska narodna ratna mornarica) is the naval component of the Kadolhan National Defence Forces.


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