From Atlas

Type Personal defence weapon
Place of origin Astronea
Service history
In service 2011-present
Used by Astronean Armed Forces
Production history
Designed 2010
Manufacturer Talamnrath Precision Systems
Unit cost $850
Produced 2010-present
Length 480 mm (19 in)
Barrel length 317.5 mm (12.50 in)

Cartridge 6.25x45mm
Action Lever delayed blowback
Rate of fire 550 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity 800 m/s (2,600 ft/s)
Effective range 300 m (330 yd)
Maximum range 500 m (550 yd)
Feed system 20, 30 or 45 round detachable box magazine
Sights Flip-up front sight, fixed rear sight

The KP-280 is a bullpup rifle-caliber PDW chambered in a necked-down .280 ACC cartridge, deisgned to give high velocity and stopping power while being ultra-compact with a high rate of fire. It is currently in service with AWD and SPRG Special Forces groups. The 6.25x45mm round is designed to defeat body armour at close rangers with superior velocity and power compared to its smaller caliber competitors, while still being small enough to feed in an SMG-sized firearm. The KP-280 features a fixed foregrip that doubles as the trigger guard, uses a flip-up front sight and comes equipped with a full RIS for equipping optics and illumination devices.

The KP-280 offers exceptional range and accuracy for its class, possessing an incredibly heavy hitting stopping power in a very compact package. The bullpup configuration allows a longer length barrel than other PDWs to be fit into a small receiver, giving the KP-280 a range and accuracy advantage over other comparable weapons. While most PDWs are designed specifically for closer range engagements, the KP-280 can be fielded in a variety of roles, from personal protection to CQB and field deployments. Its caliber allows it to be used in a host of roles, making the KP-280 a versatile weapon capable of engaging targets at longer ranges than a standard PDW or SMG.

With its necked down rifle caliber, the KP-280 is able to use high velocity 6.25x45mm API ammunition, capable of punching through personal body armour rated for up to 7.62mm protection.


The KP-280 is a select fire, lever-delayed blowback operated weapon, which contributes to the low felt recoil and allows for use with high pressure ammunition.

The bolt is a two-piece unit with a pivoted lever interposed between bolt head and body. On firing the bolt head retracts and begins to rotate the lever, the base of which is against a lug in the body. This lever is pivoted to delay the opening movement to allow the bullet to leave the barrel. The breech pressure then drops before the lever has completed its rotation.

The movement of the lever then presses the free end against the bolt body and accelerates the bolt's movement to the rear. The base of the lever then pulls clear of the lug and the whole bolt unit continues to recoil as one piece. On returning, the lever again engages the lug and pivots forward and in doing so removes a coupling which allows the firing pin to move only when the bolt is fully forward

The weapon's barrel is coated with a proprietary dry lubricant which repels sand, dust, and gunpowder soot for reduced maintenance. The rifle is also designed to be over the beach (OTB) capable, enabling the operator to safely fire after submerging the rifle in water.

The weapon is constructed of reinforced, blast-proof polymer and is equipped with picatinny rails to mount scopes and other tactical accessories. The KP-280's ambidextrous controls allows it to be used by both left or right handed users with with the ejection port interchangeable between left and right. Empty casing ejections set forward and to the right/left away from the person's face after the weapon is fired. This negates the necessity of a deflector to ensure the person's face is not hit by hot brass.

The charging handle is placed to the front of the weapon, and can be accessed by left handed shooters. The feeding mechanism uses a rubber gasket seal which covers over the magazine of the weapon when inserted, sealing it into the action of the weapon to prevent dust, dirt and other elements interfering with the action. This means that in addition to the magazine release being pressed, the magazine must be manually removed from the weapon, as no drop-free system is present. The magazine release button is located on the stock of the weapon, just above the magazine well. By pushing the button down and up, the gasket will release, allowing the magazine to be removed.

In a departure from rifle/PDW style, the fire selector is actually the trigger. A progressive trigger, similar to another bullpup, the AUG, allows for a single semi trigger press to result in a single shot to be fired. Fully automatic fire will ensue with a full trigger press.

The relatively middling rate of fire of the KP-280 makes it very controllable, combined with enhanced ergonomics, it is very comfortable to shoot in fully automatic. The weapon is grasped by a triangle thumb hole of the weapon and an over-sized trigger guard that acts as a foregrip for the shooter's support hand.