Kárpátia movement

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Founded1963 (1963)
IdeologyKarpatian Nationalism
Political positionFar right

Kárpátia, (Karpatian: Карпатськая, Karpatskaya), officially the Kárpátian National Army is an armed organization which operates mostly in the Granzerian region of Transkarpatia. Although the organization is sanctified by the Granzerian state, factions of the organisation which support Transkarpatian independence or Elesarian unification are discouraged by the organisation at large and the Granzerian government. Kárpátia has been described by international observers as an armed wing of the Granzery Renaissance Party, harrassing and oftentimes assaulting political opponents of the Granzerian ruling party. Similar organizations exist in Straknia, Szasz-Nagykun and Granzery proper, most notably Új Grozyarország, Såksesch Milis, Kárpátia is both the largest and most effective of these pro-government paramilitary organizations.

Kárpátia was founded in the 1960s as an opposition to the ruling Transkarpatian communist government of the time. During the Transkarpatian War, Kárpátia supported the Granzerian Republican Defence Force, and Kárpátian insurgents were a vital part of the ultimate Granzerian victory in the conflict.

Factions within Kárpátia can support wildly different political goals. Most of the government-sanctioned Kárpátia factions support the Granzerian government, and agitate for greater state power and for Granzo-Karpatian solidarity. Other factions however, support Transkarpatian independence from Granzery, and some minor factions even support the annexation of Transkarpatia with Elesar.