Joint Exercise Amphibious Assault

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Zolevskoyan marines participating in JEAA, 2014.

Joint Exercise Amphibious Assault (JEAA) is a biennial joint Zolevskoy-Vazandian military exercise. JEAA takes place during other major exercises between the Republic of Zolevskoy Armed Forces and the Imperial Republican Armed Forces, including Joint Exercise Air Warfare and Joint Exercise Ground Warfare. The exercises typically take place on the Fayrva and Torka islands.

Due to the exercises taking place in Zolevskoy, it is usually the host country, rather than Vazandia which hosts all other joint exercises between the two states. Eight exercises have been held in the years 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018.

As the exercises continued to grow in scale and move closer to VP and VSO-aligned states such as Ordia and Gjevuri respectively, it began to draw more attention and has created some controversy. Although both Vazandia and Zolevskoyan claim that the exercises are not meant to simulate an unprovoked attack, it has still caused some anxiety. Although unconfirmed, there are conspiracy theories that the Joint Exercises are used by Zolevskoy to test experimental weaponry.

Annual exercises[edit]

Vazandian marines during JEAA 2018.

JEAA 2008 was the inaugural exercise in this series, conducted 12-27 August 2008, with 18,000 Zolevskoyan and Vazandian troops.

JEAA 2010 was the second JEAA exercise and involved 20,000 Zolevskoyan and Vazandian troops over 5-30 August 2010. The exercise took place on the Fayrva island.

JEAA 2012 was conducted 6 August to 6 September 2012, with 25,000 Zolevskoyan and Vazandian forces. The exercise took place on the Fayrva island again.

JEAA 2014 was conducted in August 2014. This time, exercises took place on the Torka islands, near Gjevuri. JEAA 2014 is also when airborne forces of the Zolevskoyan and Vazandian forces began to participate in the exercises.

JEAA 2016 involved approximately 25,000 troops on the Torka islands, and involved a small contingent of Ausferilandian ground forces.

JEAA 2018 was conducted in August 2020 and involved 35,000 troops. Ausferilandian forces once again joined the exercise, and were embedded within both Zolevskoyan and Vazandian forces.

JEAA 2020 took place in August 2020 and involved more than 50,000 troops. JEAA 2020 was the largest in the exercise's history, and took place on the Kamshishka peninsula and the Torka Islands.