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Szász-Nagykun provincia
Provinces of Granzery
Left: Ruins of Kis Bálmeny Castle. Right: Kunasz Marshes, covering much of Szász-Nagykun.
Flag of Szász-Nagykun
Coat of arms of Szász-Nagykun
Coat of arms
Szász-Nagykun Province within Granzery
Szász-Nagykun Province within Granzery
Country Granzery
 • President of the General AssemblyLászló Rideg (GNs)
 • Total3,258,910
Postal code60xx – 65xx
Area code(s)(+36) 76, 77, 78, 79

Szász-Nagykun is the easternmost province in Granzery. The state is bordered to the west by Bastarny, to the northwest by Straknia, to the northeast by Ordia and the south by Sytrica. Vajkváros is the provinces most populous Urban area and Tarjánerőd is the Province Capital. The state is heavily forested outside the Nagykun Delta area, which is the area between the Nagykun and Bodrog rivers. Towards the coastal areas of Szász-Nagykun the Province has extensive inland marshes and swamps, with some of the only Wetlands in Granzery and the largest in Vesperia.

Szász-Nagykun is the statistically poorest of the Granzerian provinces, with an unemployment rate of 20.5% and an adult Literacy and Numeracy rate of only 68%. The amount of people living below the poverty line in Szász-Nagykun is greater than the amount in the rest of the Granzerian provinces combined, despite it being the smallest of the Provinces. It is also distinct for its large Sassic and Tzigane populations; In 2010 21% of the population of Szász-Nagykun were of Tzigane heritage.

About 3% (97,767 people) of the population were found to be fluent in Sassic and another 0.5% (16,2945) reported as speaking only Sassic, and only limited Granzerian, these were mostly in isolated rural or coastal areas.