Imperial Republican Army

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Imperial Republican Army
Active 1895–present
Country  Vazandia
Allegiance High Chancellor of Vazandia
Type Army
Role Ground warfare
Part of Imperial Republican Armed Forces
Colors Black, Red, Gold
Anniversaries July 7 1895 (Republic Day)
Equipment Equipment of the Imperial Republican Armed Forces
Commander in-chief Albert Schmidt
Minister of Defense Lucek Lisowski
Chief of Army Staff Generalfeldmarschall Karl Speer
Lieutenant Chief of Army Staff General Jakob Messer

The Imperial Republican Army (Vazandisch: Kaiserliche Republikanische Heer) is the land based component of the armed forces of Vazandia. The present-day Imperial Republican Army was founded in 1855 as part of the Republican and Royalist Republican Grand Army together with the Marine (Vazandian Navy).


The Imperial Republican Army serves as the ground forces of the Imperial Republican Armed Forces. The Armed Forces Proclamation of the Imperial Republic, Edition 3, states the purpose of the Army as follows:

  • Preserving peace and security while supporting the interests and defense of Vazandia, the colonies and possessions and any areas occupied by the United Imperial Republic of Vazandia
  • Protecting Vazandian citizens
  • Accomplishing the national security objectives
  • Containing or defending against any nations responsible for aggressive acts that endanger international peace or human rights, or the security of the allies of Vazandia


The Imperial Republican Army was formed shortly after the beginning of the Vazandian Civil War in 1895, when Republican militias, defectors from the Imperial Army, and the Royalists with their House Regiments signed the Great Compromise and merged. This united front against the Imperial Absolutists was initially disjointed and in-fighting was common, but under the leadership of Großherzog Heinz von Stauffenberg, the units managed to integrate well. By 1897, the war was in its final months thanks to the superior morale and leadership of the Imperial Republican Army, despite their lack of equipment and typically informal training.

Called upon once again during the First Great War, the Imperial Republican Army was the primary Vazandian belligerent against the Belovar League, holding the line against the vast numbers of the eastern empires until the rest of the Grand Coalition were able to arrive. Over 2 million Vazandian soldiers died in the trenches before the Belovar League collapsed and was defeated.

When the Second Great War began, Vazandia attempted to maintain a policy of Entente-leaning neutrality, as the Imperial Republic viewed the Vastava Pact as the greater threat to Vazandian sovereignty. Despite this, the Army maintained a very high level of readiness, and military spending reached new heights. As a result of that increased readiness, the Army wasn't caught completely off-guard by the Axis invasion, and managed to respond relatively well to the joint attack. When the war began turning against the Axis, it was the Imperial Republican Army that occupied Volgaria, Tenburg, and Antitanca.

During the Parabellum, the Army was a critical component of the Kruppstadt Pact's deterrence against possible communist aggression. In addition to this, the Army fought in the Volkan Civil War, the Trang War, and others.

Since the end of the Parabellum, the Imperial Republican Army has provided security against any and all threats to the Imperial Republic, be it the Véragyőr Security Organization, Vastava Pact, or rogue nations.



Maneuver Units[edit]

Usual layout of Armor Division
Usual layout of Armored Cavalry Division
Usual layout of Infantry Division

The organizational structure of the Imperial Republican Army follows a somewhat standardized format, with brigades almost always sharing the same structure, and divisions usually being built along similar lines to each other, though this can change depending on the threat faced by a unit where it's deployed.

Vazandian doctrine follows a three-pronged approach to maneuver brigades- armored, mechanized, and light infantry. Additionally, these brigades may be designated as airborne or amphibious units, in which case their structure may change slightly and weapon systems and vehicles may be swapped out in their TOE.

Army Commands[edit]

Army High Command (Oberkommando des Heeres) (OKH):

Army Commands Current Commander Location of Headquarters
Army Forces Command (Heeresführungskommando) (HFK) General Lukas von Ritter Fort TBD, TBD
Army Material Command (Heeresmaterialkommando) (HMK) General Harman Frank Fort TBD, TBD
Army Training Command (Heeresausbildungskommando) (HAK) General Willi Baumann Fort TBD, TBD
Army Resources Command (Heeresressourcenkommando) (HRK) General Ernst von Werner Fort TBD, TBD
Army Reserve Command (Heeresreservekommando) (HEK) General Mathis Kiefer Fort TBD, TBD

Within each command exist separate Departments correlated to various aspects of the command itself. Each Department is headed by a general officer and varies in actual size in regards to personnel and funding available.

The scope and resources available to Departments can vary widely based on the needs of the Army at the time, and the mission put forth by the Chief of Staff.

Army Forces Command[edit]

Army Forces Command is the largest Imperial Republican Army Command. It provides expeditionary, regionally focused and tailored, campaign-capable land forces to combatant commanders. Regional command teams are required to maintain relations with local security partners, assist allies in furthering local stability, and seek to advance Vazandian interests.

Army Forces Command Department Current Commander Location of Headquarters
Army Vesperia Department Generalmajor Killian Schulz Fort TBD, TBD
Army Antigonia Department Generalmajor Lammert Kuhn Fort TBD, TBD
Army Serica Department Generalmajor Burke von Krämer Fort TBD, TBD
Army Aestia Department Generalmajor Dirk Kunze Fort TBD, TBD
Army Amania Department Generalmajor Ernst Langer Fort TBD, TBD
Army Homeland Department Generalmajor Ebert Brandt Fort TBD, TBD
Army Joint Forces Support Department Generalmajor Rein Otto Fort TBD, TBD

Army Material Command[edit]

Army Material Command is the primary provider of materiel and logistics to the Army. The Command's role includes the supply of installations and units, as well as maintenance and parts distribution, stockpiling of munitions and supplies, and distribution of military aid to foreign allies and partners.

Army Material Command Department Current Commander Location of Headquarters
Army Acquisitions Department Generalmajor Valentin Albrecht Fort TBD, TBD
Army Modernization Department Generalmajor Carl Winkler Fort TBD, TBD
Army Maintenance Support Department Generalmajor Heinz Feld Fort TBD, TBD
Army Testing and Evaluation Department Generalmajor Emeric Wendell Fort TBD, TBD
Army International Support Department Generalmajor Jan Rakowska Fort TBD, TBD
Army Sustainment Department Generalmajor Heike Schumacher Fort TBD, TBD

Army Training Command[edit]

Army Training Command is a major command of the Imperial Republican Army charged with overseeing training of Army forces and the development of operational doctrine. Additionally, virtually all Army Officer Schools, training programs, and training methods are managed by Departments within Army Training Command.

Army Training Command Department Current Commander Location of Headquarters
Army Recruiting Department Generalmajor Mann Simon Fort TBD, TBD
Army War College Department Generalmajor Egon Sauber Fort TBD, TBD
Army Training Doctrine Department Generalmajor Philipp Möller Fort TBD, TBD
Army Recruit Training Department Generalmajor Wim Wegener Fort TBD, TBD

Army Resources Command[edit]

Army Resources Command provides support and assistance to the other Commands, as well as their Departments on a direct level. Managing everything from military justice and installation management to the Army intelligence apparatus, Army Resources Command is a high varied Command.

Army Resources Command Department Current Commander Location of Headquarters
Army Intelligence Department Generalleutnant Theodoric Hartmann Fort TBD, TBD
Army Criminal Investigation Department Generalmajor Adelric Hall Fort TBD, TBD
Army Human Resources Department Generalmajor Jochem Frank Fort TBD, TBD
Army Installation Management Department Generalmajor Kurt Groß Fort TBD, TBD
Army Medical Department Generalleutnant Siemen Baasch Fort TBD, TBD
Army Joint Forces Liason Department Generalleutnant Gerd Dirksen Fort TBD, TBD
Army Civil Affairs Department Generalmajor Willerich Pabst Fort TBD, TBD

Army Reserve Command[edit]

Army Reserve Command is a command of the Imperial Republican Army tasked with maintaining Reserve units and equipment capable of being rapidly pressed into service with the other Commands. In times of crisis or war, Reserves may be called upon to supplement or replace Active units across the Army.

Army Reserve Command Department Current Commander Location of Headquarters
Army Reserve Units Department Generalleutnant Dederick Holland Fort TBD, TBD
Army Reserve Integration Department Generalmajor Franz Dreher Fort TBD, TBD
Army Reserve Civil Assistance Department Generalmajor Harald Berger Fort TBD, TBD
Army Reserve Mobilization Department Generalmajor Barthold Weiss Fort TBD, TBD


Corps Level Commands[edit]

Corps Organization[edit]

Army Forces Command[edit]

Army Reserve Command[edit]


Ranks and insignia[edit]

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