Imperial Elesarian Armed Forces

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Imperial Armed Forces
Імперські Збройні Сили
Service branchesImperial Elesarian Army
Imperial Elesarian Navy
Imperial Elesarian Air Force
Imperial Guard
HeadquartersAlexandrovsk, Elesar
Supreme Commander-in-ChiefDmitri II
Imperial Minister of DefensePetro Savaryn
Conscription2 Years
Active personnel2,300,000
Reserve personnel4,500,000

The Imperial Armed Forces (Імперські Збройні Сили) also known as the Imperial Elesarian Armed Forces, is the military force of Elesar. It consists of the Imperial Elesarian Army, Imperial Elesarian Air Force, Imperial Elesarian Navy, and the Imperial Guard. The IEAF has a strength of just over 2,300,000 active-duty personnel supported by 4,300,000 reservists.


Structure and Organisation[edit]



Small Arms & Personal Equipment[edit]


Name Image Origin Type Cartridge Details
Fort 17  Elesar Pistol 9x19mm Used by SOF, paratroopers and marines.
Fort-14TP  Elesar Pistol 9x19mm Main service Pistol of the IAF.
TBA  VSO Submachine gun 9x19mm Service submachine gun.
Shpola S-95  Elesar Assault Rifle 5.5x48mm Main service rifle of the Armed Forces.
Shpola S-95K  Elesar Carbine 5.5x48mm Carbine used by SOF, Marines and Paratroopers.
PK 735 File:PKmachinegun.jpg  Stasnov
General-purpose machine gun 7.35×56mm
GP80  Granzery Light machine gun 5.4×48mm


Name Image Origin Type Quantity Details
Sava Shulika  Elesar Multirole fighter Active: 500 Multirole fighter. In active service with more on order.
SHV D/V-98  VSO Air superiority fighter Active: 300 Air superiority fighter.
Sava Sova  Elesar Air-superiority fighter Active: 125 Stealth Air-superiority fighter.
Sava Yastrub  Elesar Attack aircraft Active: 400
Sava Shchenya  Elesar Medium strategic/tactical airlift, military transport aircraft Active: 200 Modified/Upgraded Stasnovan An-12 procured prior to the Elesarian Revolution.
Sava Kyt  Elesar Heavy strategic/tactical airlift, military transport aircraft Active: 48
TBA  VSO Tactical transport, VIP transport Active: 200 TBA
Havrylyuk Hav-1  VSO Attack helicopter Active: 200 Attack helicopter, widespread use.
TBA  VSO Transport Helicopter Active: 400 Medium Utility/Transport Helicopter.
Mil Mi-8  Stasnov Transport Helicopter Active: 100 Medium Utility/Transport Helicopter. Being retired.
Mil Mi-6  Stasnov Transport Helicopter Active: 100 Heavy Utility/Transport Helicopter.



Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
T-97 Korzhev Main Battle Tank Active: 3,000 125 mm smoothbore gun  Elesar To replace much of the T-74 fleet in the future.
T-74S1M Main Battle Tank Active: 12,000 125 mm smoothbore gun  VSO Most of T-74S1M3 and T-74S1M4 variant, significant numbers of T-74S1M2's in reserve.

Armoured Fighting Vehicles[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Main Armament Origin Details
BTR-3 Armoured personnel carrier Active: 8,234 30mm autocannon.  Elesar Standard armoured personnel carrier. In widespread use with mechanized infantry. Being frequently upgraded to newer configurations.
BTR-94 Armoured personnel carrier Active: 6,873
Reserve: 11,311
30mm autocannon  Elesar Being upgraded or replaced by the BTR-3.
BTR-4 Armoured personnel carrier Active: 4,893 Modular weapons mounts  Elesar To replace other APCS by 2030.
BMP-90 Infantry fighting vehicle Active: 1,031 30 mm autocannon
40 mm autocannon
Template:Country data Volgaria
Infantry fighting vehicle.
BMP-1 Infantry fighting vehicle Active: 8,312 76mm gun, anti tank missiles  Stasnov
Infantry fighting vehicle. Heavily upgraded Stasnovan BMP-1, to be upgraded.


Towed Artillery[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
LM-60D Mortar Active: 4,500  Elesar Widespread use.
D-30 Howitzer 122mm Howitzer Reserve: 13,000  Stasnov Long-range howitzer.

Self-propelled Artillery[edit]

Model Image Type Active in Service Origin Details
Rak Self-propelled mortar Active: 738  Elesar Elesarian 120mm mortar based on the Granzerian Sp.KFz-338 Piton.
AHS Krab Self-propelled artillery Active: 1,405  Elesar
2S22 Bohdana Self-propelled artillery Active: 392  Elesar To replace the Krab.


Model Image Type Active in Service Armament Origin Details
AMZ Żubr Short range Surface-to-air missile Active: 1,311 4 x infrared missiles  Elesar
PZL Loara Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon Active: 689 2 x 35mm autocannons  Elesar
TBA Medium range Surface-to-air missile Active: 2,000 TBA  VSO
HTDLR GROZSZTAR Long range Surface-to-air missile Active: 200 Radar guided missiles  Granzery