House of Vorontsov

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House of Vorontsov
Country Imperial State of Gorbatov
 Tsardom of Gorbatov
Tsardom of Kobryn
Kingdom of Ostravia
Kingdom of Lietuv
Current regionElysia; mainly Acronia, Lyonia, and Odentia
Place of originVoronezh, Gorbatov
Founded986 CE
FounderOleg the Great
Current headMikhail Vorontsov, Grand Prince of Gorbatov
Final rulerAleksandr II
Imperial and Royal Majesty (1562-1916)
Estate(s)Palais Vorontsov (1939-Present)
Pyotrhof Palace (1704-1916)
Valozhyn Kremlin(1472-1916)
Voronezh Kremlin(1044-1916)
DepositionSeptember 1916 (Gorbatovic Civil War)