Helene Arleaux

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Duchess Helene c.2019
Born (1977-02-25) 25 February 1977 (age 47)
Paladar ne Flor, Lyo City, Lyonine Empire
SpouseMarcos Casaraghi (m. 1995)
IssueCount Judarof Voix
Countess Isybelle of Maroux
Full name
Helene Margareta Vitoria
FatherArtus, Crown Prince
MotherJenofa del Verdier
ReligionPrimèr Fuòc (First Flame)

Helene (Lyonine: Helene), full name; Helene Margareta Vitoria; born 25 February 1977, is the Duchess d'Avor.

Helene is the first child of two that Crown Prince Artus had with his wife Jenofa del Verdier. Helene was born during the reign of her great-grandfather the Hegezar Henri II and would be alive during her grandfather's subsequent reign which began just three days after her birth.

Helene was privately educated at both the primary and secondary level, going on to study Archaeology at the University of Madelsclaire in Odentia. At a dig site in Lyonia the Duchess met her husband Marcos and the couple currently have two children; Count Judar of Voix and Countess Isybelle of Maroux.

From a young age Duchess Helene had taken a keen interest in the history of the states that occupied the Empire's present borders. She's been known to travel the world taking part in archaeological digs and helping to piece together the tales of old. Throughout her time as a senior royal she has also been able to promote the humanities as a necessary staple in the curriculum in schools across the nation.

Early life[edit]

Helene was born on 25 February 1977 at the Paladar ne Flor during the reign of Hegezar Henri II of House Lyoelle, her great-grandfather. Helene was the first of two children of then first-in-line to the throne, Prince Artus. Helene's godparents were Duke Laurentius of Val-de-Lys and his wife Athene. Much of Helene's early life was spent with her father at their estate Rouenhorne, however the Duchess did visit a number of countries on overseas imperial visits.

Titles, styles, honours, and arms[edit]


  • 25 February 1977 – 28 February 1977: Her Serene Ladyship Countess Helene of Corrino
  • 28 February 1977 – Present: Her Serene Highness Duchess Helene d'Arvor


Below are the National and Foreign honours that Helene has received during her life.

National honours[edit]

  •  Lyonia: Hereditary Lady of the Order of Golden Lion
  •  Lyonia: Hereditary Lady of the Order of the Great Sun
  •  Lyonia: Hereditary Lady of the Imperial Family, Order of Renald IV
  •  Lyonia: Hereditary Lady of the Imperial Family, Order of Helene I

Foreign honours[edit]